Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Improving My Hosting Capabilites

My Black Friday shopping was pretty much solely dedicated to becoming a better host. Oh, except for that purse I picked up while in line at Kohl's. That was JUST FOR ME.

You know what's ridiculous? That I've been married for eight years and 11 months, and have been having people over for dinner for several of those with only EIGHT place sets of flatware. Now we're a family of four - that means if one other family of four comes over, we're out. Too bad for me, who uses a couple pieces while cooking. So I got another 8 place set Friday morning, along with a set of pickle forks and a set of ice tea spoons.

If you are doing the math, we had 20 adults eating Thanksgiving dinner here - and they all had real flatware! My mom came to the rescue with her 12-serving set and even a few dinner plates. More of those are on my next shopping list.

Also I found warm, fuzzy, queen-sized blankets for $20! Our basement is a bit cool (as basements are wont to be...) and I know Erica is usually too cold. No more!

I missed the Leapsters at Walmart - they were $30, folks. I should have been there at 4am like the normal people, instead of 6:30 like us lazies. While there, I did get a couple of the $9 stick vacuums - and then gave them away to Erica & MIL Bobbie. Since I do already have one and all.

I know lots of people that were much more aggressive, but I'm telling ya'll - it was enough of an excursion for me. And I didn't even get close to Target.


Blue Castle said...

Sounds like you did pretty good, though. I wanted to go out, but my dear husband wouldn't drive me down to GF from PR. Yeah, it's all his fault. :)
4am is wayyyy too early. My sister was in line at 3:45 am. That's just nuts.

JJ and EJ said...

Thanks again for the vacuum! Official thank you note should be in the mail today! :) Seriously, you just have to do the 4 am one time.