Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Blizzard...and not the yummy kind.

It seems that I've been doing an awful lot of craving for terrible food. If it's junk, I want to eat it. But yesterday, even though the Dairy Queen was advertising it's new value menu (2 items for $3! 3 items for $4!) and that sundae and hot dog looked mighty good, I couldn't have gotten it anyways. All the Dairy Queens in town were closed.

We had a big blizzard yesterday. Did you hear about that?

One of my dad's (20 some) cousins sent an email today that said something to the extent of: Back in the day (grr!) blizzards were no big deal. We hunkered down for awhile, dug ourselves out, and went on with life. Now they seem like such a big deal.

My answer to that is: That was before CNN and The Weather Channel had us on the national news, highlighting the fact that we had the worst weather anywhere. (That may not have been true - I'm just guessing. We don't have cable.) Notoriety has a lot to do with our "woe is us!" attitude, I think. Also, the fact that no travel was recommended for the entire state.

Yesterday was really truly terrible. Very cold, very windy, lots of snow...most of us stayed inside. But my husband? Poor Aaron had to go to work, and made it there and back for dinner. Today he had the day off - along with half the city, we're trying to dig ourselves out. And we don't have a snowblower. Aaron debates every year, but decides that we'd really only use it about 3 times. And that's fine...until one of those 3 times hits. Like yesterday.

We dug out half the driveway, enough to get in and out. The other half, the half covered in a 3 foot drift, will have to wait until we can borrow a snowblower.

Also, all the snow from our backyard is now in a large pile outside of our back window...right on top of where we'd left Ben's dump truck the last time he played with it. Oops.

What did we do yesterday? I'll make you a list:
1) Church and Christmas program after were cancelled/postponed. Ben is distraught.
2) Kids watched too much PBS while I spent too much time on the computer.
3) I made chocolate Malt-o-Meal for breakfast. One of my true comfort foods.
4) Discovered a new game that Leah loves - "hide" 10 cottonballs around the room and have her look for them. This kept her busy for an HOUR. Moms, take note.
5)Lunch and naps as usual.
6) Leah and I cut out shapes from white bread to make ornaments. Must let dry till hard.
7) Made a trial batch of cranberry cookies.
8) Ruined said cookies later by making the chocolate to dip them in with rancid Crisco. Now I know that shortening can go bad. Good thing I only dipped half the bunch.
9) Kids to bed, and started a digital photo album for my grandpa. Half way done by bedtime!

So, we relaxed and had some productivity. Today is more of the same, with Aaron out running errands now. In the van, since his car died when he parked it on the street yesterday.

Yes, there was a lot of publicity about this storm. But pretty much we hunkered down and are digging ourselves out. By tomorrow it will be life as usual, although we will have a new topic of conversation to discuss over our coffee. I can't imagine that THAT part is too different from post-blizzard days of generations past.


Noel said...

So much to comment on...

I thought the CNN reporter was wimpy because he stayed in relatively tame downtown Fargo. If he had been on 19th Ave North with the 35-45 mph winds coming off the airport runway, he would have gained some points for reporting from the front line.

While we were tougher about blizzards in the olden days, I doubt it was smarter. I'm fine without newspaper and mail today so those delivery folks don't get hurt fording snow drifts....speaking of which, this is an early season storm and the snow drift pattern from this storm may differ from later season ones even with similar winds. This is due to lack of snow piles along the driveway. The 3 foot drift in front of your garage may be better or worse in the future (maybe neighbors can clue you in if it is a chronic condition).

We are still snowblower free (and I'm healthier and greener for it). It also helps to have kids of shoveling age, which Leah will reach in a year. I will admit to having help from some neighbors on cleaning out the driveway during 96-97 with their snowblowers. Some of those storms were so bad even the pizza delivery people had to get off the streets (AFTER snowplows and police had done so.)

Finally, we had some Jane Austen touches yesterday. I recall Jane used to put on plays with her sibs and my girls did the 21st century version with their video. We happened to have _Becoming Jane_ on hand via Netflix and my wife, daughters, and the beta male watched it to end their day.

Noel said...

From the "There must be something in the water" department (or at least looking at the most recent posts of blogs Lyz reads),

Mighty Girl, Dooce, and JJandEJ all have posts about pregnancy...

nydampress said...

Today I went running in shorts.


So I am pretty sure ND wins for worst winter weather of the week!

Lyz said...

Noel - although my internet connection is too slow for me to watch many videos, I was very impressed at T's willingness to be on camera! Personally, I refuse.

This weather is perfect for a Jane Austen-fest! If only I had complete rein of the DVD player...and no Internet to distract.

Kate - You guys will get your No'easter yet, I predict. Enjoy your shorts, lady!