Friday, December 5, 2008

Now, if only the books would stack themselves...

I went on a shopping trip last night, and while at Kohl's stumbled across one item that was on MY Christmas list for the kids:

Wind-up, LED flashlights. They are quite awesome. I didn't wait for Christmas to give Leah and Ben theirs, simply because my son has been driving me nuts with his requests for our standard flashlight. Which has some kind of a malfunction, because even brand-new batteries will only work if you whack it against your hand a couple times. And even Ben says in sympathy, "Ouch!"

So each of the kids got their own. Because as I told one of my friends this morning, what other tool is more conducive to creative, independent play? With flashlights they play explorer and "researcher". They run all over the house directly those beams everywhere possible, and generally have a great time.

All this, and now I don't have to replace batteries OR retrieve them at the end of play OR remind them to turn them off? Merry Christmas to ME!


Aaron said...

Good toy!

You know the house is still fresh to the kids when they are playing "explorer" inside.

JJ and EJ said...

This is an awesome toy -- until Ben loses his -- which happened on the phone with you right? : ) heehee

We ended up not going. Some friends were already on the road and said there were two major pileups and it was slooooow going. Boo.

Noel said...

Seems like a nice, straightforward toy. Wonder why Kohl's lists it for ages 6 and up?