Friday, December 12, 2008

Maybe I'll just let the photos do the talking. At first.

Hopefully you've caught on by now. SOME of you have been trying to anticipate this announcement, but I'm going to say it anyway: WE'RE HAVING A BABY!
I'm officially 14 weeks along (out of 40, for you younguns'), and the baby is due at the beginning of June. Both the kids are excited, which is very fun. Leah was rather ambivalent about Ben's arrival, so it's gratifying to see her get all giggly about this baby. Ben has always loved babies (although not necessarily when Mommy's holding them...). He was very interested in the doctor measuring my uterus at the last appointment.
At our 10 week appointment we had the internal ultrasound done, and it was amazing! At Ben's checkup at that point, we basically saw a blob and a heartbeat. This time we saw arms and legs waving all over the place! Very cool.
And, real-life friends out there who are feeling very much left out in the cold, don't worry. We didn't even tell my own parents, who live in town, until after the 10 week appt. Aaron's family and my sibs were told over Thanksgiving. Only this week have we started to tell local friends. There are a couple of reasons for this:
1) I have rather uneventful pregnancies, especially in the beginning before rampant heartburn sets in. When people ask how I'm feeling, I feel a little bad disappointing them with "Fine...just fine!"
2) And all those lovely people asking how I feel can really make a pregnancy seem like forever.
3) We told most people right away with both Leah and Ben. Since this poor third child will probably have little fuss made over her/him, I figured I'd try to do something different - and keep my mouth shut for a bit! It was a test of my self-control, really, to not say anything until now. After I shared the news and how far along I am with one friend, she said, "That's amazing!" and I knew exactly what she was talking about - it's truly amazing that I haven't slipped and said anything much earlier.
So there you have it. Finally.


Noel said...

Congatulations (although I have to give you a hard time about copying Dooce as part of your blog revitalization ;-). I had gotton the news at my E-Fest debriefing along with the remains of the cheese ball.

The current 4D ultrasounds are a bit step up from the olden days when images looked like so many tea leaves scattered on the screen. Did you catch the brand of the machine? I'm most aware of GE technology.

Noel said...

Should have been "a big step up"...

Which is a tremendous step up from the really olden Flintstone days (which was something to look forward to on Friday nights on one of our five TV stations (ABC)) when at about week 14 a ritual rabbit was killed to test for pregnancy (speaking of pagen traditions). In the episode where Wilma announces she is pregnant (with Pebbles), I recall her announcing it to Fred as "the rabbit dying"...which happened independent of the test result. Now the essential rabbit biochemistry is on the ept stick....

I now return you to less bizzare comments....

Lyz said...

Dooce only beat me by announcing a week or so earlier - our due dates are 2 days apart.

And actually, it wasn't a 4D ultrasound - just a regular one! That's what made it so much more amazing!

Suzi said...

Congratulations!!! Good thing I'm an avid reader of your blog, now I can pass it on to others who don't check it as often.

So only one heartbeat?

Ruth said...

did you know that as soon as i told tim the due date, he was like "great. the next baby is totally going to steal MY birthday."

so heads up. start eating chili peppers for breakfast on June 6.

AND i'm really excited for you.

AND please use that first pic as your christmas card. i laughed out loud and hugged myself.

Blue Castle said...

Congratulations! Ryan checked your blog first this morning and then came to tell me the news. :)

I love Ben's face in the first picture. What a doll.

It's really smart to wait to break the news. That 9 months can drag on and on when you first tell everyone 2 days after you find out - like we did both times - and it gives you a solid 12 weeks under your belt.

Congrats again!

Lyz said...

Suzi - Yes. Only one. We double-checked.:)

Ruth - Tim had better be prepared. When is his birthday, anyway?

The first pic isn't on the Christmas card, but I think the 3rd one is.

Blue Castle - Thanks! (Thanks Ryan, for reading my blog!)

Stacie said...

Congrats on the new bambino. The pics of the kids are very cute. I also wanted to check out a blog I came across...thought you'd enjoy it.

nydampress said...

I must say, your restraint on this topic is duly noted. After hearing the news I was sure to see the post on the blog right away.
I'm very happy to become an Aunt to another one of your little cherubs. But what's the deal? No twins?
Here Aaron and I thought you were recreating your mother's pattern.


Clarinda said...


Anonymous said...

da Godfather knew about a month ago. When you are the Godfather, you recognize the signs quicker.

Dawn said...

Hey Liz, that's awesome! Happy pregnancy and prep for a new little one. Yay! HUG

Lyz said...

Stacie - Thanks!

Nydampress- Oh, believe me, I was TERRIFIED of recreating Mom's pattern. One baby at a time is good.

Clarinda - Thanks, and thanks for following!;)

Godfadda- Signs, whatever. I told DAD about a month ago! I was preggers at your daughter's wedding, and nobody noticed then...

Dawn - Thanks! Hugs right back at you!

Anonymous said...

Hooray - congratulations to your whole family, Liz!

Crystal's friend, Laura