Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm so organized.

Yesterday I missed the dress rehearsal for Leah's dance recital, which is tonight. Oh, I was at the place at the right time. Just on the wrong day - the rehearsal was WEDNESDAY, not Thursday.

The news of which, while surrounded by Aaron, the kids, and my mom (who can't see the actual recital) made me dissolve into tears. Did I mention that we were in a middle-school cafeteria, filled with kids busy at after-school activities? I'll blame that on pregnancy hormones, but the mis-scheduling is all my fault.

For some reason, I cemented it into my brain that the rehearsal was Thursday. Not quite sure why, of course, but a month ago I wrote it on the calendar for that day. Even though Aaron took a phone message from the teacher on Sunday evening saying that class was cancelled for the next day, and that she'd see us Wednesday...I actually assumed that it was SHE who was mistaken. That's how confident I was in my error.

I felt rotten. Not only had Aaron driven us all over there in the frigid temperatures, then had to drive around the parking lot for 5 minutes trying to find a parking space (school pick-up is NOT something I'm looking forward to...), but we had to carry both kids across the huge lot into the building and wander around with them looking for "the right place". We found it, of course, but there was a concert going to be in there in a couple hours, so of course! we didn't recognize anyone. And then my mom drove down from the other side of town, looking forward to the adorableness that is her granddaughter in a leotard.

But really, the worst part was the feeling that I had let Leah down. The poor kids is 4 years old, performing in her first dance recital, on a stage for the first time, and not only did she miss the class before the big show, she missed the (hour long) rehearsal, too. I can only hope that she is completely oblivious to her predicament. And she maybe was, before I started bawling like a baby. Talk about a counter-productive reaction.

The ironic part is that even if I HAD remembered the right day, we still wouldn't have been able to go, since Aaron took my van to work on Wednesday, and the rehearsal was at 4pm. And in that case, I'm sure I would have been very frustrated (you can bet on it!) and probably angry with Aaron, although it wasn't his fault.

Maybe blessings come very, very deeply disguised sometimes.


Noel said...


(a) The dance recital doesn't get snowed out today.

(b) The Sunday School Christmas program doesn't get snowed out for the second week in a row.

As for middle school drop-off/pick up, once you know the traffic flow and parking spots, it can be so easy even a dad can do it.

Lyz said...

Leah was only in the one recital, so we are good!:) But hopefully we can get to church tomorrow - yikes.

That drop-off/pick up looked highly coordinated, but made a good selling point for riding the bus. I did think that maybe a lot of those kids lived close enough to walk - if it wasn't below zero temps.