Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shoppin' the Sales

I think I've mentioned before that Ben loves to analyze the sales circulars. He was in his glory with the Thanksgiving Day paper - and the Black Friday fliers. He was throwing them over his shoulder, looking for the ones with cars or choo-choo's in them. And they don't have to be the actual item advertised - he'll take them in the background, or even printed on something else, like a T-shirt. Really, any form is fine with him.


Noel said...

Fresh data...analysis...ecstacy for introverts.

Suzi said...

Miranda loves them too, especially if she finds Dora or Diego. And she is so nice. After throwing them all on the floor this morning, she picked them up (when asked) and threw them in the garbage. Luckily I was done with those ones.

Lyz said...

Noel - Man, you've got it exactly right. You can see the wheels turning.

Suzi - Once they discover the garbage, it's time to start clarifying exactly WHAT IS garbage. And check the top every so often. You know, for socks and stuff.