Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leah Love

My darling little girl. I'm not sure where the red hat came from, but Mom brought it over a couple years ago, and I found it just before we walked out the door to church the day these photos were taken.
This was going to be Leah's Christmas dress until Grandma Claudia (Mom) took'll have to wait for photos of THAT work of art.
Also, photos from the dance recital will be up next week. Merry Christmas!


Noel said...

So where are the comments from the doting uncles and aunties on these pix? Today's MSP, ORD, and BOS weather should leave lots of blog and Facebook time. Good thing we live in sunny Fargo on this last day of astronomical fall.

Aaron said...

Leah's photo-smiling abilities have definitely improved since the days of the "jus' showing off mah teefs" photos.

Ruth said...

ah! i remember that hat. it spent so many winters at the bottom of the mitten box, i'm glad it finally has time to shine.