Sunday, January 13, 2008

Estrogen Bonanza

My good friend Christina had Estrogen Fest parties when we lived in Rochester, and since we've moved to Fargo, I've started hosting them about twice a year. No, guys, it isn't about lingerie and pillow fights! They way I do it, there is a quick mixer, eating (everyone brings a dessert or appetizer), and then a white elephant gift exchange game.
This party was Fabulous. 15 of my friends & family came, and we had such a gorgeous pink & brown polka dot theme. Mom made her fantastic sour cream cut-out cookies, and even decorated them to match my party! I think everyone was afraid to eat them. Not Leah! She even had one reserved to eat later.
Here's our most-traded item: hand-cut Chinese note cards. Mom finally won them - then gave them to me! SCORE!! I'm thinking of framing them, since I have an Asian motif in our living room. Most Obnoxious gift: baby bobble-head photo frame - with no photo. Real baby curtousy of attendee friend Angie!
The mixer was People bingo - the board is full of items like, "was born out of state" and you have people sign a box that fits them. So anyway. Auntie Erica was, ahem, CHEATING by having Leah sign a box, "loves to bake", on her card. They were trying to find another one for her and couldn't, so Leah suggested that they add one that said, "favorite color is pink". Clever girl! She was NOT present for the whole party!
Fun was had by all, and I'm so glad! Thanks for coming, ladies, and extra thanks to Tara who kept me company & helped clean up! See you next time!

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