Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because we really don't trust them.

We bought this house knowing that we would need to put up a fence. Not only do we back a public golf course, but neither of our neighbors had a fence. Our kids are not typically wanderers, but you know. They are 4 and 2 years much do we trust them? The answer? NOT MUCH.

Aaron has been developing plans for this fence since before we actually moved in. He planned a split-rail fence as specified in our neighborhood's covenant, but with a layer of wire fencing to keep appropriate things in AND out.

After obsessing about the underground sprinklers for about 2 weeks (are they going to be blocked by the posts? will he have to move them? where IS the property line, anyway?) he finally decided to till up a "trench" on the fence line. After the fence is in, he'll fill it with rock, and then won't have to mow under the fence or weed-whack. Smart guy.

Aaron rented this hydraulic post-hole digger for the weekend, so when this happened Friday night, he knew that he still had to do the fence the next day. I would have been whining and complaining like crazy, but he just did it.
Dad came and helped, too. AFTER they went out for breakfast and played 9 holes of golf. But I took the kids to garage sales, so I didn't want to complain too much...but I did. Sorry, hon.

Ben is "helping". It is my fear that his Thomas train engine is at the bottom of one of those holes.

At the end of the weekend, they had all three sides up, minus a gap on one side where they hit a sprinkler line. Now we just wait for the gates, a small one in the back, and then one in front.
Aaron and I noticed that the whole time the fence was going up, the kids respected it. They didn't go outside of it, and Ben only tried to climb it once, putting his foot up on the first rung. I was standing right there and quickly squashed THAT plan.
I'm sure at some point they will try to get out, but for now we are so thankful that we have generally rule-following kids. Truly, the only reason I really feel that I even NEED the fence is because the kids have a big tendency to go around to the more appealing front yard, which of course, is right on the street, and not tell me. Also, I think people may question my letting the kids go out by themselves with no fence. And we do have other kids over, who may wander or inspire my kids to do so.
So a fence it is. And it is a beauty. Thanks, honey!

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Gold Medalists I Can't Compete With:

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