Monday, August 25, 2008


A vacation at Aaron's parent's Ranch (not really a ranch, it just feels that way.) is never a complete vacation. At least for Aaron. His dad Clarence has a hard time relaxing, to say the least, and Aaron gets stir-crazy after about 2 hours. So to work they go.

That is Clarence (age late 60's) up there on the scaffolding. The day before there were pretty strong winds, but he persisted with nailing up huge sheets of Styrofoam, continuing to re-side the house. We asked Aaron if he was the spotter, but he said he left to avoid any responsibility.

And where did he go? Well, there were reports of a ghost farmer in the tree row.

But I called Ghost Busters.

Aaron got himself a tractor to drive, folks! He cultivated Clarence's tree row. And had a blast!

But wait! While I was taking photos and Aaron was doing his father's bidding, where were our beautiful, intelligent children?

Right here:

Watching TV in Grandma & Grandpa's bedroom. Like all good children.


Ruth said...

The grandparents always have the best channels.

JJ and EJ said...

Oh, CMJ on the scaffolding... that is nothing. Try being there when he was ripping off the wood siding. That was a sight to see. I think at one point RJ just said, "Well, he has choosen how he wants to die and there's nothing I can do." How's that for morbid this morning! I sat on that tractor when we were there too! I wasn't nearly as productive though. Actually, I didn't even start it. I just was scared there were snakes in the grass when JJ was unloading old wood siding from the trailor to the burn spot. Glad you had a great trip!