Friday, August 1, 2008

No Sweat.

Tonight the family hit a few garage sales. They were mostly a bust, and only resulted in finding 3 new LeapPad books/cartridges for Leah ($2 each!) Here's the conversation she and I had on leaving the sale:

Me: I got you these LeapPad books.
Leah: I know. (already staring at them intently)
Me: Well, that's not a very nice thing to say! How about "thank you, Mommy!"
Leah: Thank you. (still staring at book)

We walk to the van. Just before we get there she says, "Only three?"

That's when I lost it a little bit. Aaron of course started laughing.

And then we went for a family bicycle ride, with me breaking in my birthday bike! It is a cruiser-type, and after our two-mile jaunt around our neighborhood, I'm not totally appalled at the thought of riding again. I am SUCH an optimist today.


Noel said...

Google Earth confirms the 2.0 mile circumnavigation as well as a 1.3 mile El Zagel circumnavigation for us.

I mainly wanted to see if my photo would show up by my comment...

Noel said...

Trying again to see myself....

Lyz said...

Sounds like some kind of a philosphical query to me...maybe backpacking across Europe is in order? :)

Noel said...

I'll have to settle for 500 miles of driving across eastern Iowa and western Illinois this coming week, the first 350 miles with temps in the upper 90s. Maybe if I look into the rear view mirror I will be able to see myself truely...Given the heavy truck traffic on I-80 I won't want to gaze too long.