Friday, August 29, 2008


For the last week I have been having this debate in my head:

"Should I put Leah in dance this fall like we'd planned?"
"But she really enjoys gymnastics!"
"But she also says she wants to learn ballet."

So what did I decide? The obvious: I signed her up for both. My rationale?

1) Leah is a kid who thrives on structure.
2) And she's not in preschool. Most kids her age are, so there's a lot of time that could be used for activities.
3) She is also a kid who would rather sit still than run around, so the more we can encourage her to be active, the better, I figure.
4) It it's too much, we can always not sign up for the next session of either class.
5) She loves gymnastics, and seems really interested in learning ballet.

We made the rounds today, shelling out Aaron's hard-earned money for various kid's activities. And as promised, Ben was registered for gymnastics, too (the parent-tot class) - anytime we bring it up, he starts "eh-eh"ing and pointing at himself, so I think he's pretty excited to have his own tumbling class.

Also today, I took care of the stack of hospital bills, and another stack of insurance bills, both of which required phone calls to figure out what exactly was owed. The pile on the desk was greatly reduced.

I stopped at the library to discuss with the nice librarians the two books that have evaporated in our house - one a CD/book set and the other an overdue book.

For lunch and dinner, we ate leftovers. Which were a lime-marinated turkey roast and steaks from last night - pretty high-quality leftovers! The fridge is now manageably full, instead of overwhelmingly full.

I sooo deserve a day off. In, like, 20 years or something.

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