Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Scammed Ebay

I've been shopping online for a new duvet cover for our master bedroom. I wanted some combination of brown and blue, preferably with an organic pattern (leaves maybe?) I found a couple that I liked:

Aaron said "no way" to this one

"okay, but kind of boring"

"fine, whatever" YES! Success. With Aaron, this is as close to approval as I'll get.

There were four of the winning selection on Ebay and they all ended up being around $70. That wouldn't be too bad, but $20 of it was shipping. Which Aaron thought seemed a little much.

So I did what any Ebay shopper should do, and checked the actual retail price - same as on Ebay. But only $8.50 for shipping!

Man, I love winning.


Ruth said...

yay for liz's love of geometric design.

JJ and EJ said...

I'm so digging that brown and blue right now. Lovely!

nydampress said...

Cool. I also love how they mention it was seen on ANTM.

Stace said...

Love it!