Friday, August 8, 2008

Periodically Speaking

Recently a friend was at our house and commented that every time he's here, he gets "magazine head" because we have so many and he can't help but read them.

It's hard to get a word out of my dad if he sits on the couch - he's usually buried in something, even if you're sure he would have ZERO night it was Women's Day. Yes, we took a photo. Lucky for him, I don't feel like hunting it down.

One year I had to use some very old frequent flyer miles, so I ended up with 8 free subscriptions (Bazaar? Jane?) on top of the 8 or so that we already paid for. It was kind of nuts. Fortunately, I recycle magazines, either officially or by giving them to other friends who will read them.

So here's the current run-down:

1. Parenting- I started getting this one when I was pregnant with Leah. I was debating between it or Parents, but Aaron liked that Parenting has a pediatrician on it's board, so he trusted it's advice more.

2. Entertainment Weekly - No, it's NOT just another gossip magazine! It's actually really decent, and I like it 'cause it covers everything: movies, TV, books, theater, AND music. Aaron and I both pretty much read it cover to cover every week.

3. Sports Illustrated - Yes, it's mostly Aaron's magazine. But I also enjoy flipping through it, and find that it helps me keep current with"boy talk". Their latest issue about Olympic hopefuls was especially beneficial! I love the backstories of athletes, so I usually read those and skip the articles filled with statistics.

4. Cottage Living - This is pretty much the only "house" magazine that I get. I looked at several different ones, but this seems to be the one whose style I can most relate to. I'd love to live in a cute little cottage someday...but not with little kids. Still, I like the decorating and they have a ton of tips about perennial gardens. I am keeping my issues of this one, so far.

5. Real Simple - SIL Erica got me started on this one. It's kind of like a chick Consumer Reports, since they do a lot of "road tests". But it also includes info on fashion, home, health, cooking,'s a catch-all, and I love it. Very thick, and I read it cover-to-cover (okay, I do that with ALL my mags). And pass it on.

6. Simple & Delicious - Used to be Quick Cooking. I've gotten this one for years, and also keep every never know! I have gone through them more than once looking for just the right recipe.

7. Family Fun - Just started getting this after wanting it since Leah was born. However, most of the activities are geared towards preschoolers on up, so she's just now getting old enough to try out some of the stuff. I keep reminding myself that all these zines have websites where I can find anything I want, so I don't need to keep copies. But I still do.

8. Wondertime - Another one I just started. LOVE it! It's a parenting magazine, too, but it's mostly in essay format, so for a reader like me, it's heaven. I save it as a treat.

Notice the lack of news magazines? We used to get both Newsweek and World (a conservative Christian news weekly) but realized that we really didn't read most of the actual articles, and the 5 or so pages we DID read weren't really worth the subscription price. And although we feel guilty getting all entertainment magazines, we do both read the daily paper and usually watch the news, also. So it's not like we are totally uninformed. Just don't ask which section I read first, and most thoroughly. But I bet you can guess.


Aaron said...

I greatly prefer ESPN magazine to Sports Illustrated; the writing is just 1000x better (Chuck Klausterman (ND Native!) is a columnist).

I never understood the draw of getting news from a source that aknowledges that it is biased ("Conservative Christian world news")... I have a much better time reading supposedly "unbiased" news and trying to figure out what is really going on.

Noel said...

I think we have you beat for number of subscriptions even though I don't have an exact count:

Cat(1): Cat Fancy

Wife & Daughters (4): Brio, American Girl, Ranger Rick, Country Living, Family Fun

Me Technical (5): IEEE Spectrum, Communications of the ACM, ASABE Resource, AI Magazine, PC Magazine

Me Finance (2): Money, Kiplinger

Me Other (1): German Life

For print news, I read the Fargo Forum and then I'm online 8-16 hours many days, including news sites.

Noel said...

Speaking of serialized publications and back issues....

(1) If you are looking for a duvet, does that mean you have resolved the king vs queen size bed issue?

(2) If you made the US Olympic fencing team, how come we didn't see you in the parade of nations at the opening ceremonies last night?