Monday, August 4, 2008

What a Deal

Usually we spend the Fourth of July out in Western North Dakota with Aaron's family. This year, niece Meghan decided to shake things up a bit by celebrating her earlier wedding with a reception on July 5th.

So the family headed East.

Ben bonded with his cousin Seth, despite the twenty-some years between them.

Seth thought it was hilarious that Ben would just put his hands OVER his ears, and not hold onto them, but I reassured the horsie that if balance was in question, Seth would immediately feel tiny little fingers on his eardrum.

The happy couple, Meghan and Pat. The reception was simply lovely, and featured plenty of appetizers, great music, and some cool photographers! I have to admit, I felt kind of weird talking to this husband/wife team for about half and hour in the middle of all these people I've known for years. But we just got along really well. Too bad we don't live in their city!

And here is that promised photo of Aaron:

He is a total reprobate. By the way, it's a CANDY cigarette. All the family was enjoying posing like gangsters. We are pre-eettty bad folks. I wouldn't mess with us if I were you.

So, I know it's not kosher to brag about how much you paid (or didn't pay) for an outfit, but I totally do it all the time. And this dress is no exception - I got it for $10 at TJ Maxx. Score! I spent about 5 times that trying to accessorize it, and then ended up borrowing SIL Jessica's necklace anyway. $30 got returned.


Noel said...

The tales of sartorial thrift are one of the pleasures of this blog. Eloping is another big money saver given the average US wedding is now $25,000 - $30,000.

And finally, walking or biking to work is a money saver even if gas prices in Fargo are down below $3.60/gal. As I drove to the airport today, I was pleased to see that with my biking to work, the milage on the minivan for the last five weeks will be about 85 miles. When I was using Google Earth to verify the 2 mile bike loop claimed in an earlier post, it sunk in how close to work Aaron is. I used to walk to work at NDSU when I was on the engineering faculty, but my current office is 10 minutes north of there with all the artic air of Canada blasting off the Fargo Airport main runway into my face in the morning. With Google Earth, I'm now exploring a more sheltered route that will have me exposed to the full wind for only five minutes instead of ten.

-- Noel from Waterloo, Ia

Noel said...

With the latest reprobate picture of Aaron and the one with the IBC brown rootbeer bottles from last Christmas, I think you have the start of a scrapbook page.

JJ and EJ said...

Cute pics! Wow -- over 200 posts. You are an inspiration. : )

Blue Castle said...

I always knew there was something not-quite-right about Aaron. :)