Thursday, August 14, 2008

One. Perfect. Day.

Yesterday we took all of summer and mushed it into one day.

9:30am - photos with Tara at Buffalo River State Park. The kids loved running around and finding rocks, flowers, and various sticks. Lucky for us the park ranger wasn't around.

11am - Potluck picnic at the G family home with bunches of friends. All summer we've been getting together with friends from church at different parks, and this was our end-of-summer celebration. My day was made by both my children eating decent lunches despite being surrounded by friends. Also, Ben didn't dump sand on anyone's head. That I know of.

2pm - We are home, with Ben sound asleep until 3pm. I'm pretty sure I slept for a bit, too, curled up on the sofa downstairs.

3pm - Ben is awake and cran-ky. Time for a distraction. How about we walk to friend A's house with popsicles? Sounds like a plan.

4pm - Back home, and I get out the pool. Later, Aaron is impressed by this. So am I, since I had to locate several items to get it going. Have I mentioned that being married to Aaron has turned me into quite the princess lately?

5pm - Kids are in their swimsuits and ready to get wet. Splash, splash! Ben has a ball throwing, well, balls at me.

5:45pm - Ice cream truck comes through the neighborhood. The last time it visited, it was 3pm, so I treated the kids. And Aaron was bummed that he missed out. So this time we bought treats before dinner and stuck them in the freezer for later.

6pm - Light dinner of barbequed chicken, French bread, and salad. Here's my really quick way to cook chicken - slice it thin, as if for stir-fry, then thread onto kabob spears and grill. Works especially well for those enormous frozen chicken breasts we like.

7pm - Head out for a family bike ride. I rode my birthday bike AND pulled the kids' trailer for the first time. Yep, I felt it. But it was pretty fun to hear the kids laughing & giggling behind me the whole time.

7:30pm - Ice cream as a bed time snack? Why, SURE!

And the to bed, to bed, jiggity-jig, for my sweet babies. Those lucky kids.


Noel said...

We've biked into Moorehead via the Oak Grove bridge the last couple nights for ice cream. Biking and ice cream is a pretty good combo this summer. Will have to see if the flood curtails that...

Ruth said...

don't you love those days? no plan, but great "whatever!" attitudes from those around make the biggest impact.