Friday, August 1, 2008

Catching Up

I have spent the last two days talking. Pretty much nonstop, too. Aaron's cousin Beth, who stayed here with her family for the last two days, is a kindred spirit in that we both love to talk, about anything and everything. We do actually listen to each other, contrary to popular belief. However, if the guy want to have any kind of discussion, they need to leave the house.

Beth and Dave arrived Wednesday afternoon, shortly after I awoke from my molar-removing stupor. We visited until Aaron came home, had dinner (me included! Luckily it was shredded beef burritos - very soft!), and visited some more, all while the kids played like fiends.

Yesterday we sent the guys to load up the remainder of our stuff from my parent's house - oh, those lucky, lucky boys. How will they EVER thank us?

THANKS DAVE! It made it a lot easier to get all that crap down here - crap we haven't seen in almost 4 months, so you KNOW we need it. Actually, I'm getting a little antsy for some of it...and filling boxes with stuff for a garage sale at the same time.

Beth and I hit the stores after lunch, and Ben took a mammoth nap, which I desperately needed him to have. While we wore ourselves our shopping (OH, so exhausting) the dads took the kids to the park - those dads, I tell you what. They even brought a pitcher of water and watermelon for a snack with them.

After STEAK for dinner, we kicked the boys out to have a good time. And ease our guilt. And they had to go ruin it all by bringing us back Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. While we were giving ourselves pedicures. Darn them their timing. But thanks for the yummy treat!

So, after two nights of staying up visiting until midnight, plus an oral surgery, I am wiped out. BUT, I had coffee this morning! So after the gang took off around 10am, I cleaned the two upstairs bathrooms and vacuumed the three bedrooms. And started washing sheets and towels.
And unpacked the last box currently in Leah's bedroom...with many more to follow, I'm afraid.

Speaking of unpacking, I made great progress while visiting Wed night - Aaron said I was just showing off for the company. (Gee, thanks, honey.) I feel much more settled without boxes piled around every corner.

Now, if I could only locate my stash of guest towels...

And, Aaron just called and asked if I was ready for a water-slide party tomorrow. Well, sure! Bring it ON!

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Noel said...

Bummer. I exceed the water slide weight limit.