Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Questionable Judgement.

My mom is normally a highly reasonable person. Work first, fun second, and maybe fall asleep on the couch third. This is a the circle of life at Mom and Dad's house.

She combined numbers one and two this time. She hosted my cousin K's bridal shower Saturday morning, a shower which she has been obsessing about for literally months, trying to make sure every detail was perfect.

All was going well until she showed me the cover of a magazine with these cupcakes on it:

Now, don't get me wrong. These cupcakes are completely adorable, were very tasty, and enjoyed by everyone, both by the eyes and tastebuds.
However, I knew as soon as she showed me the photo that there were also completely ridiculous. This magazine, to which I used to subscribe (surprise, surprise, right?) has a ton of really cute cakes and desserts, and they put them prominently on the cover to get you interested, and then when you flip to the recipe, you see that it has ONE ZILLION STEPS. I'm not even joking. I didn't re-subscribe based solely on the my frustration with their recipes.
But Mom stuck to her guns (hi Dad!) and carried through. I did help for a bit. And let me tell you first hand, every one of those flowers was TWO gumdrops smushed together, flattened, and cut INDIVIDUALLY into that shape. Crazy.

But how can you argue when she looks so darn happy? Congratulations, Mom! Mission accomplished - the shower and the cupcakes were a great success.


Ruth said...

mom. the perpetual host. i heard the menu for that shower about four different times, and each time i'd get a little more intrigued... "fratatas?"

she is only reason i had a respectable wedding and not a keg in a park with pizza hut catering.

Aaron said...

Remember the caterpillar cakes we brought to school for our 6th birthday? INSANE. There is no way I'm doing that for my kid, sorry.

Blue Castle said...

Those are really cute! Your mom rocks.
I know what it's like to have "questionable judgement" when it comes to stuff like that. I usually go way overboard making a totally homemade but professional looking birthday cake for each birthday.

Can I guess which magazine this is? Maybe put out by the same woman whose baking cookbook I bought and now never use for the same reason that there is wayyyy too many stes and special inredients needed?