Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wet Bar Part II

What were the kids doing while all this was going on, you may be wondering?

Well, we started off watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Leah surprised me by pointing out the Bird's Nest, which she apparently recognized from the Wii game, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. Yet another blow to my theory that video games pave the road to hell.

When Stacie & Chris rescued us, er, showed up, both kids immediately went cuckoo with joy at having their best buds suddenly available to play, and all the adults preoccupied, no less! There was much running and screeching.

At 8pm, I decided that Ben really had to go to bed, and since it didn't look like the other kids would be able to head home soon, it was either wrestle him to bed now or wait until we were all finished. So the wrestling commenced. There was a lot of arguing done, mostly by Ben, but he went to bed finally and to sleep fairly quickly afterwards.

Leah was a different matter. She understandably didn't want to go to sleep while M was visiting, but was sooo tired! She ended up in bed shortly after 9pm, with much weeping and wailing in the process. Oh well - I was just happy that both kids were taken care of within an hour or so of their regular bedtimes.

M & baby P are more used to staying up late, so they were fantastic...except that P wanted to be very involved. As you can see from the photos below, it took both parents to keep him out of trouble.
Starting the process of pulling up the carpet...we are soo glad that this is carpet we were meaning to replace anyway. It will just have to be a bit sooner than hoped, is all.

Chris & P investigate our lovely floor outlet - how exactly is the carpet attached around it?
The carpet laid out to dry on paint cans. The next morning, Aaron was readjusting the carpet a bit, and the fan fell over, breaking off two of the blades. RIP, old fan. Stacie & Chris brought over their two box fans, and Dad brought his down, too, so we were fine.

And this is what our "big room" looks like now. We are planning on cutting out the damaged piece of carpet so we can put the bar back into place, on top of the cement like it's supposed to be. Then at least we will have half the room back.
The plumber came Saturday afternoon, and found a clog about 2 feet down the ice maker's drain. The kitchen drain was clear, so we are left to assume that there was just one clog causing our problem. That drain will be capped off, because the sink has it's own regular drain in the wall.
The bill for the plumber was only $110! We are soo relieved.
So there you have it. Tomorrow I will update you on the OTHER big accomplishment of the weekend. Oh yes. There is more.


Noel said...

Meanwhile in North Fargo, other Bookclub members gathered to eat pizza and watch the opening ceremonies on a giant 20" cathode ray tube video display. Since Lyz and one other member did not show up, there was extra pizza when I returned home four hours early from my Iowa/Illinois expedition. Lyz's uneaten pizza did not go to waste....

Hopefully tonight's book event was not scheduled for "The Big Room" and it is good to hear the carpet was to be replaced anyways.

Aaron said...

Liz, your house looks crazy. Can't wait to visit and spill water all over the floor.

nydampress said...

Ha! I second Aaron's sentiment.
Your "wet bar" has more cabinets than the kitchen in our future house does.

Blue Castle said...

All I can say is wow.
Wow because you have a huge kitchen and I'm slightly jealous.
And wow because, of course, I'm sorry you had such trouble in your new home.
It's so good to have friends who are willing to pitch in anytime they're needed.
I hope you have a quick return to normalacy.

P.S. Aaron worrying over how much water the ice maker uses sounds just like my husband. He won't turn on our gas fireplace in the winter because he thinks it will waste gas since our furnace is running anyway. He also follows us all from room to room, turning off the light switches to conserve electricity. I like to call him Scrooge.