Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

1. Teeny tiny red ants have invaded our kitchen counter via a teeny tiny crack in our window's trim. Any dish with food remaining on it must be placed directly into the sink, and preferably filled with water, so as to drown any buggers that make it that far.

2. Heated up the wrong burner for lunch today and melted the ziploc bag that was laying over it. I scraped most of it off, but anyone have any hints for removing the rest?

3. At lunch, Aaron observed, "What's this water doing here? (on the floor under the fridge)" and then spent the next 15 minutes removing what we assumed to be curdled milk from the drainage hose.

4. Ben insisted on bringing one of his little matchbox cars with us into the pool. During the last 10 minutes he finally had worn me down so that he brought it into the water. Of course I had warned him that he might lose it, and after 5 minutes, we realized he wasn't holding it anymore. "Uh-oh! No more car! I guess that's what happens when you don't listen to Mommy!" Except Mommy's friend J (who is desperate to be Ben's pal) went and found it for him. Still, it was gone a sufficient amount of time for him to remember to "tell" Daddy about it.

5. I spent a considerable amount of time on the computer today trying to update our address on our various magazine subscriptions, only to find that most of them already had the correct one.

6. At dinner, Aaron put his (plastic) plate on top of the still-hot burner I'd used. Darn these glass-top stoves! All this plastic came right off after it cooled. Thinking I shouldn't have scraped the bag off after all.


Noel said...

We had an explosion of ant population on our patio on Sunday. I dealt with it by leaving town for the week. There haven't been any mention of ants when I've phoned home, so they may not have moved indoors.

I don't think we've melted any plastic on our cooktop, but you can check with my wife Ilene to see if she has any cleaning tips.

Based on your day yesterday, I would be suspicious of anyone showing up at your door that looks like Jim Carey in make-up.

Anonymous said...
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