Sunday, October 19, 2008

Conversation in a Public Restroom

Tonight at Applebee's (with the other stall occupied):

Leah: (on the toilet) Do you remember that time the toilet flushed and I was still on it?

Me: Yep. I also remember that you squealed and jumped off!

(pause, as we get her finished and she pulls up her pants)

Leah: That's the fun thing about having kids - they help you remember stuff.

Me: Yeah? What kind of stuff do you help me remember?

Leah: Hmm...Like, that I want a My Little Ponies birthday party?


Noel said...

And our October birthday girl has been faithfully reminding us she wants to have her family birthday dinner at Olive Garden and that her birthday gift should be a Canon SD1100IS digital camera (still being negotiated). Enjoy the low cost memories while you can ;-)

Ruth said...

yes. only about like, a billion months in advance of said birthday party.

ponies! do you still have our (mostly your) old ones?

Lyz said...

Yes, let's not forget that we are planning the Pony birthday for MAY.

I do indeed have our Ponies - however, it appears that the hair material doesn't age so well...not to mention, also, that they look rather boring next to the glittering, sparkly Ponies they have now.

Also, the classic Ponies look chubbier than current ones. I did not think that the waif trend would hit horses, but it appears to have.

Aaron said...

Kate brought back her box of ponies to our house. We are grown-ups, in our own house, and we have a box that is filled with My Little Ponies.

nydampress said...

Disney princess parties are SO last year.

I do have a box of approx 30-40 ponies down in our basement (as well as varied accessories). And from what I recall, the hair on them is as lovely as the day I got them. Perhaps it is because my ponies never had to endure a ND winter? :)

Noel said...

If the full birthday isn't until May, is Leah being precocious with fractions and reminding about her half birthday in December?

Interesting note on the slimming of the horses. This morning on the news they were mentioning the raciness of the Halloween custumes per your observations a few posts back.

Blue Castle said...

My kids start planning where they want to eat for their next birthday the day after that year's birthday. (We don't do parties, so instead we let them pick where we will eat their birthday dinner.) I was aiming to raise kids who aren't spoiled, but you'd never know it by the way they talk continuously about their birthday and then there's Christmas and their grandmas un-ending gift giving.....

JJ and EJ said...

Thanks Lyz! I was feeling preggo x10 today and tried the brown cowl neck long sleeve shirt I have with khakis. See you Friday!