Friday, October 10, 2008

A Different Branch of the Family Tree

My plans for the weekend? Eating rice krispie bars, watching tv and doing a little shopping maybe. What are the plans for the rest of my family? Well, all 3 sibs & one in-law will be running the Chicago Marathon. And my parents will be there cheering them on, along with the other 2 spouses.

I always have been the non-athlete in the family, but who would have thought that this status would only become stronger in adulthood? Unless we're going to include childbirth as an athletic activity. I still have those two trophies to show those super-active brothers & sisters of mine. Take that! I don't even have to dust mine.

This Sunday at 8am, while I am getting the kids their cereal, I'll be thinking about Aaron, Kate, Ruth & Dave, all getting ready for this amazing race. And I'll really enjoy being indoors.

Good luck, you guys!


Blue Castle said...

I knew you and I had more in common than meets the eye. :) Have a fun weekend and eat a rice krispy for me. Yumm.

Noel said...

Best wishes to the M-team marathoners!

We also still like Lyz whose marathons are through the pages of massive tomes, even if she doesn't _run_ in marathons, perform acrobatic acts on ladders and scaffolds, or have an old basketball injury (although that elevator thing at Ikea comes close to qualifiying on a couple of those counts).

Also of note is the beautiful weather the spectators in Chicago will have. It might be a bit warm for runners who I've heard like it in the 40s and 50s. Yesterday I was sitting in the Moline IL airport after a lunchtime walk in sunny and 70s, looking at the Fargo current of 38 and rainy, and drilling into the short term forecast which mentioned snow and sleet. At least it was a balmy 45 and cloudy when I got home and I need a weekend in the Digital Den to get caught up from travels anyways.

Noel said...

It looks like the whole team finished the race between 200th (impressive) and 13,000th places.