Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Don't Know Where She Learned This

Yesterday evening we were outside "helping" Daddy do some yard work. Leah was walking on our neighbor's side of the fence, taking rocks out of the grass and putting them in their place.

Randomly, she says, "You treat me like a servant. You always tell me what to do."


I said, "Well, when you live in a family you do things to help each other, just like Daddy and I help each other.'

Her: "But you always make me do stuff."

Me: "No, I ask you to help me. Do you think Daddy and I should do everything?"

Leah looks at me, like she'd like to try that one out.

Me: "'Cause that would make us YOUR servants."


Her: "But you always tell me what to do!"

Now, you and I and Auntie Ruth all know that when your opponent returns to their original arguement, you can basically chalk it up as a win.

By, the way, poor little Miss Servant's duties now include setting the table, cleaning up her toys (and sometimes Ben's) and putting away her laundry. She has it so rough.


Blue Castle said...

Yeah, sounds like you guys are mean. My oldest was doing the laundry at her age. Poor kid.

Joanne said...

I hear the same thing from Marcus. He says," Mommy, it's your job to these stuff, you're the Mommy. I should just play all the time!"

Noel said...

Unfortunately I don't have any robotic creations in the works to lighten Miss Leah's work load. Her tasks will take more than a Roomba on steroids.

Suzi said...

Yeah, you are kind of a slave driver. Lay off the poor girl a bit! :)