Monday, October 13, 2008

An Odd Kind of Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago Aaron turned off a bunch a bunch of breakers before removing a light fixture from our great room. The reason it was a "bunch" of breakers is because the sub-panel on the fuse box has about 20 switches, and not one of them is labeled.

He turned them all off, and then we started the fun game of finding out which switch goes to what part of the house. We got the big ones, like lights, right away. However...we have been finding others rather randomly.

Like the garbage disposal on the island in the kitchen. And the fridge in the bar. Oh, and the furnaces. Oops.

We discovered that one this weekend when the weather turned a bit chilly. Aaron worked all week and basically didn't have time to breathe until Saturday afternoon, when I crawled out of hibernation long enough to tell him to tell him he HAD to do something! Anything!

In a matter of minutes the problem was fixed, and we added about 5 new labels to the sub-panel. Ah, heat. It is sooo underrated.

Now there are about 4 or 5 switches still unlabeled - so who knows what we'll find next? FUN!

Note: My sibs and SIL Kate all finished the Chicago Marathon well, with my brother Dave coming in 207th place - out of 33,000 runners. That makes him in the top .006%. Mom & Dad got to see everyone run by, in that crazy horde of athletes and fans. And they agreed that that size of marathon is NOT the place for kids younger than teens. I agree. We'll stick to being spectators of the Fargo Marathon.

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Noel said...

And hopefully you also got your sump pump figured out with our 2.5 inches of rain over the weekend. Our sump has been running about every 4 minutes.