Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If Kids Wrote Their Mom's Headstones

Morbid, yes. But we laughed our butts off today in Bible study when we somehow came up with this topic. Let's think adolescents here (or in my case, 4-year-olds).

1. She Was an Okay Mom, I Guess.

2. What a Slavedriver. (Leah shares this opinion with a friend's son, who thought he was being treated like a servant when asked to pick up his dirty clothes from the bathroom floor.)

3. If Only She'd Have Let Me Wear Makeup, I'd Be Happy.

4. NOW Can I Drive the Car?

5. I Always Liked Dad Better Anyway.


Noel said...

So which BST group is this?

Aaron said...

Sounds like you guys whine as much as your kids. ;)

Lyz said...

Noel: That would be Galatians. You know, that book where Paul does some scolding.

Aaron: Touche.

Noel said...

Also some dieing to the Law, so headstones would be appropriate....

So go ahead and serve that rabbit with the painted pumpkin soup at the funeral.