Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Couple of Fruits

Entertainment at our house tonight took a decidedly organic turn. It all started with Leah pointing at me and saying, "You're Ben!" and then at Ben and saying, "And you're Liz!" Ben immediately pointed at himself and said, "Ben!" which may be the first time we've heard him say his own name. Of course, Aaron became Leah and Leah became Aaron. This was all fun, but it really got hilarious when we started calling each other vegetable and fruits.

Here's a sample:

Leah (to me, always): You're a tomato!
Me: to her - "Beans!" to Ben - "carrots!"

And then both kids scream and laugh wildly, run around the couch and through the big room a bit, and come back for a new name.

Ben was especially into it - he'd come up and rest his elbows on the couch, and put his chin on his hands and stare expectantly at me, like he was going to get candy or something. A couple of times he turned down the assigned produce, "Uh-uh!", and wouldn't run until I gave him an acceptable one. I finally decided he liked best the ones he could say - corn, peas, peaches, beets, apples. (He also pointed right at a picture of a winter scene in a book and said, clear as a bell, "Hockey!" Not sure this is a good sign.)

Leah tried to take it down a gross path by saying "You're an eyeball & nose cake!" (we did a few desserts, too). I made a yucky face, and Ben just about split a gut laughing. Too easy.

We all had a blast, and I was especially pleased that I was doing a "good mom" job of interacting with my kids, without having to move my butt from the couch. Because I clearly have my priorities straight.


JJ and EJ said...

You go Ben! We have two bags full of hockey equipment ready for him to grow into! (JJ notes this may take a while...) You guys do have dental insurance right?

Noel said...

This hour of the evening I am usually turning into a mental pumpkin...