Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not Buying It.

Have you seen this Walmart advertisement? The one where a mom says, "Walmart has all the costumes my kids want for Halloween!" and she starts pulling outfits out of the sack in front of her.

"Spiderman? Or Cinderella? Snow White? Or Superman?"

So basically, what you're saying Walmart, is if your kid wants to be a superhero or a princess, you've got them covered. Thanks.

I was actually in Walmart this evening while the ad was playing on their in-store TVs, and I literally didn't hear any difference in the costume names. Kind of sad. So narrowing for our children.

I remember when my cousins dressed as a slice of pizza and a carton of milk. Yep, their dad is an artist. If you are going to dress in costume this year, let's think outside of the box a bit, folks.


Aaron said...

Woo Liz! I've got to say, I love this new anti-commercial side.

Ruth said...

don't forget about the giant lavender crayon! that was a classic jim mische creation.

i was so, so envious of those costumes. not that we ever wore non-hand made costumes either. but those store-bough costumes always looked so cheap and see through, especially for the winters we had to wade through to get to front doors. i also remember other parents (like the chases) constructing costumes that could strategically hide winter coats and ski pants.

Noel said...

Family Fun magazine (I think) has some creative ideas. I got an email saying the magazine is now available for free on line.

At our house, a major costume discussion was washing machine from Family Fun or a voting booth where people could vote by putting candy (or smoked moose)in one of two buckets.

One of my top costumes was a robot, which is a bit forshadowing given my current job in field robotics.

Suzi said...

I know that they take kids tv show characters and create toys to sell off the tv show, but it seems like it's more and more lately. There isn't as much originality in toys because so much is based off a tv character. So obviously the Halloween costumes will be like that too.

I am proud of Lincoln's costume this year, a UPS man, and not a store-bought coustume either, it's a home-dyed one with a paper UPS logo taped to his shirt. And he loves it.