Monday, October 6, 2008

Gender Issues

We were heading to Sam's Club. A car in front of us was going peculiarly slowly through the green left-turn arrow, and Aaron and I had the following conversation:

A: Is there a full grown person driving that car? (No head was visible.)

(noting the light on the top of the car)

A: It's a mail car.

Me: (nodding - that made sense, since there WAS someone in the passenger seat).

A: I can see it's balls.

Me: pause...

Me: pause...and making sure I heard him right: Balls?

and then about 5 seconds later I finally got it.


Aaron said...

Man, it took me forever to get this. Partially because I just couldn't imagine Aaron making a "balls" joke.

Lyz said...

You're kidding, right? Every time we drive by a Blockbuster, I hear "Ballbuster"- either out loud from Aaron, or just in my head from experience. Ditto for "Pizza Slut".

That's my educated, cultured husband at his junior-high finest.

mama.nichols4 said...

Oh wow! I have new ammo for your crabby husband! haha

Aaron said...

I can totally see Aaron making innumerable poop and fart jokes, but balls just seemed like they were off the table to him. Not so, apparently.

AJ said...

What can I say. This was stolen straight from "The Three Musketeers", a classic SNL alumni ensemble movie.

And really, where I work you need to have good manners, but shame levels are pretty low.