Saturday, October 11, 2008

Might be a Teensy Bit Type-A

The wood was a decorative piece from the top of the bar cabinets. Thankfully Aaron removed it during the painting process, and Ben commandeered it as a display tool for the Little People. He just looked so darn proud of himself.


AJ said...

Future proctologist

Noel said...

I think I over-analyzed aj's comment kind of like Archibald Asparagus over-analyzes "Silly Songs with Larry".

Is it the big grin of the child?
Is it the order of the little people all lined up for their exams?
Will there be a future shortage of proctologists like the pending dentist shortage?

Or is it just a two word version of a single four letter word beginning with an "a" used as adjective for "type-Aish"?

Blue Castle said...

For cute! Both our boys displayed this kind of OCD-ness when they were little. They used to line up their toys, especially cars all in a perfect line. Wish they were still that way now .... they're room is a disaster.

AJ said...

Sorry Mr Christmas, it is the sticks up their behinds.