Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snips & Bits

Oh, no big topic is coming to mind, but here's a lot of little things from the last couple of days:

- Crystal and I closed down both Old Navy AND Starbucks Monday night. We were in search of 75% toddler clothes, discovered the sale had ended that day, and then the very nice manager agreed to give us 50% off clearance prices anyway. So I guess making a sad face will get you your way, even with ladies. Who knew.

- Also, my favorite non-caffeinated drink at Starbucks is the green tea latte. It's not on the menu anymore, but the barista still made it for me. Man, employees must be in good moods Monday nights. Either that, or I totally RULE.

- Finally bought new pj's for Leah yesterday. She's been surviving on all 3Ts so far - and she's 4 1/2. Granted, she's small for her age, but still. I decided to retire a couple pairs the other day, and discovered they were 2T's. No wonder her wrists and ankles were showing! Poor thing.

- Aaron caved and let me buy candy to hand out for Halloween. The only reason we are doing it is that there has already been some pranking things in the neighborhood, so I'm scared we'll get egged or something. So basically, the mob has won. However, the mob is NOT getting good candy - I'm handing out a "kiddie mix" of SweetTarts, Smarties, JawBreaker, and Double Bubble. Not bad enough to spit onto my sidewalk (hopefully), but not good enough to show any enthusiasm, anyway. But I have to confess, I do look forward to seeing the little kids in costume. If the big kids dress up, that would be nice too.

- Both kids got their hair cut today. Ben especially was starting to look a little like a bear cub. Leah got sparkles AND a double ponytail, so feel free to call her "fancy pants" if you see her today.

Okay, that's it. Hope your pumpkins survive the next couple of days intact. Oh, and I am sooo glad I am not teaching right now- Halloween on a Friday? May as well cancel all the afternoon classes.


Aaron said...

Good post! Glad you are giving out candy, I can't wait to see kids in costume (hopefully good costumes). We bought good candy, but I'm considering getting some bad candy (taffy, hard candies) just to keep on hand for the "obviously too old" crowd and anybody over 7 who doesn't have a costume.

Noel said...

More evidence of why you don't want to spend Halloween with English teachers in Fargo: my middle school daughter is to make a costume to wear in class tomorrow...representing a favorite idiom.

Of course we should have been on alert with the recent vegetable metaphor game blog entry.

Not that I can claim to be much superior as a year or so ago I sat on the steps with candy to hand out and a book for my on-going study of German. Nothing like verb conjugations to scare kids, although in German, the dative and accusative pronouns seem worse.

JJ and EJ said...

Nooooooooo! I missed the Old Navy sale?? That's probably ok. I feel like I went a bit overboard at garage sales. Still, JJ worries that our kid will have all hand-me-downs. A symptom of a ninth child?? : )

Thanks, also, for thinking of us teachers. And I'm still sick. So I'm going to be crabby. But I am going to hand out fruit snacks to my kiddos. They'll get enough candy!

Noel said...

Just to give similies equal exposure, it's been like a zoo at our house...and as Lyz pointed out, probably at many schools today. At Ben Franklin Middle School, both my daughters also have limo lunches for magazine fundraiser performance, my older daughter is in a performance of her school play, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" at 5:30, and then I think they each have a couple social engagements lasting till bedtime.

Corresponding idiom costume: "Busy as bees", not be be confused with my idiom costume "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." (dog face mask with dog holding a report card showing an "F" in a class called "Tricks").

Note to the ej and jj: I am an only child and wore hand me downs and my daughters have in the course of their lives worn some hand-me downs from me :-O Then there is now the clothes sharing with between them and my wife.

Enough rambling, beter get back to my lengthy written report, already in progress...

Lyz said...

Noel: Aaron says the idiom thing takes all the fun out of dressing up. (This from he who is anti-Halloween!) It definitely sounds like something I'd be tempted to do as a teacher, tho, esp for extra credit!

Erica: There is NO CHANCE your kid will be wearing all hand-me-downs. NONE.

Fruit snacks are a great idea! My kids think they ARE candy anyway. I always asked my kiddos parent's for their leftover candy to give out during our Candy Review in class. I usually had piles under my desk.

Noel said...

So I think we've hit on how to kill off Halloween:

1. Turn costuming into an English class assignment.

2. Give out healthy treats like brocolli and cauliflower.

3. Asscoiate pumpkins with soup (not pie) preparation or artwork.

4. Make kids wear hand-me downs under their idiom costumes.

Check that one off and move on to fixing the economy over the lunch hour.