Monday, October 27, 2008

A Life Saved

Mom called to night with a mission: to get me to bring my last remaining house plant in from the freezing outside. It was a pretty hard sell, by the way, since I'd resigned myself to letting it die.

Not sure why, but I've had about zero interest in anything green-and living, that is. Maybe it's because I have sixteen thousand projects to finish in the house, or maybe it's because I have a two year old boy who would just love to dig his hands into that great dirt. Or it could be that my furniture is in total disarray, so I have no idea exactly where plants would go.

You get the idea.

But, to my mom, to deliberately kill a plant is akin to murder.

So I brought the plant in.


Ruth said...

yay liz! way to go. that plant probably shivered and shivered outside cause it didn't have a scarf or even mittens, and was just so happy to come into the warmth. I like to picture that my plants of personalities, and when they get really big and I have to cut them apart, they have SPLIT personalities! HA ahahhhahahhahah!

Suzi said...

Oh, I probably would've done the same. I do not have the green thumb my mother has either.

We currently have one live plant indoors. I know plants are supposed to be good to have around and I like them, I just forget about it and therefore don't take care of it. I even once killed a cactus because I didn't water it enough, imagine that.

kate said...

All my indoor plants in the past have thrived but get infected with teeny tiny bugs (in the soil). What up with that?
I'll have to seek advice from you mom on it.
Also, Ruth's comment is hilarious.