Monday, October 20, 2008

We even painted a pumpkin.

My MOMS Club had our Fall Party on Friday. Yes, there were all the usual Halloween trappings, and if you attended, you'd have thought you were indeed at a Halloween party, but what was important to me was that, in fact, it WAS a FALL party.

Leah and Ben dressed up. Well, Leah did. She was Sleeping Beauty, because we happened to have this gorgeous dress that my mom made for her birthday. I thought that I could talk Ben into being a train engineer, but the striped bib I borrowed from a friend were way too small. The hat was an adult sized one, and he didn't appreciate me plopping it on his head, but I did manage to get a couple photos.

I also took some of the kids who obviously have more creative mothers:

As Yoda's mom said, you really have to take advantage of having a baby, 'cause that's pretty much the only time you'll get to dress anyone up as the Jedi master.
Twins Tristan & London as a monkey and a banana. How cute is that. Even if they ARE sideways.

I had so much luggage to bring to this party - dip, carrots, celery, multiple boxes of crackers, 2 pumpkins, sandwiches, notebook for the business meeting (which didn't happen, thanks to the 30 some kids in costume)...but really, my biggest logistic issue was how to transport that darn painted pumpkin back home again.


Suzi said...

Your last sentence is exactly why I did not bring a pumpkin to paint. And luckily Lincoln didn't notice that he didn't get to paint one.

JJ and EJ said...

I love the monkey and banana! A gal at work's niece was a hotdog last year. So cute!