Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miscellaneous Mishaps from the Weekend That Was...and One Good Deed

1. I forgot to pack any socks for Leah, so she wore the pink Tinkerbell ones from Friday on Saturday and Sunday, also.

2. I forgot to pack pajamas for myself, so I borrowed a T-shirt from SIL Jessica's closet. And then I packed it with our dirty clothes and took it home. I'll get it back to you sometime, I swear. (Jess & Dave were gone for the weekend, but let us stay anyway. So, so helpful.)

3. Leah threw up FIVE times Saturday night, starting at 2am. Poor kid, she woke up puking and sobbing (which somehow never woke up Ben, who was sharing the room with her). She spent the rest of the night on the floor by our bed with a puke bucket next to her. She seemed to sleep alright, unlike her mother. Every time she moved I was sure she was heaving again. (ps - can you imagine if this had been happening in a hotel room?!)

4. We had planned to go to church in the morning with friends, but didn't feel like spreading those germs around.

5. Upon leaving, Jessica handed me Ben's sneakers from her steps, "You don't want to forget these!" But of course I did. We didn't realize it until we got to McDonald's 2 1/2 hours later. I called to check, and she said they weren't in the house. She called back 10 minutes later to say they had been left on the grass next to where the van had been parked. Oops. That was totally my fault.

Good Deed: Jess and Dave have a 2-story entry way, which they have now painted for the second time since living in their townhome. And always, there has been a 3 foot stretch of trim at the ceiling over the steps that has gone unpainted, purely because of the awkwardness of the angle. Well, except for this last time, when none of the trim painting had been done. (They are expecting their first baby in 3 months, and have been doing a ton of other household remodeling jobs, so we cut them some slack.:)

Anyway, painting left incomplete bothers Aaron, and is only second in annoyances behind a bad painting job (splotched ceilings, etc.) He decided that since it only seemed to bother him, he should be the one to finish it.

So Sunday morning he located the correct paint color, brush and ladder, and "a new way to kill myself," as he told me later.

He propped one ladder up in about the middle of the stairway, then leaned the other on top of it, coming from the bottom of the steps. Then I held the intersection steady, to ensure that he didn't, in fact, kill himself. Leah took the photos.

The trim was quickly completed, and we started placing bets on how long it would take the happy couple to notice the change. We were both surprised, though, when Jess walked in and, after greeting me and the kids, asked, "Have you guys been painting in here?" and then looked up at her finished entry way and almost teared up.

Mission completed. Jess and Dave, thanks so much for letting us stay at your place.


Aaron said...

Wow. Which knee did Aaron have surgery on again? And it's the lynch-pin in that scissor-truss. Well done folks.

Also, send Aaron over here any time, we have a ton of trim that needs to be painted and it's all in accessible locations.

Noel said...

Aaron the husbands domestic industriousness puts other Book Club husbands to shame. Plus he has the advantage of being home a lot to do stuff, unlike several male readers of this blog.

That ladder arrangement does seem like an unsafe situation, but it is probably a painting trick passed down through the family. When Aaron the husband is done at Aaron the brother's, he can come to our place and change a couple lightbulbs over our stairwell. We'll put in CFLs so he doesn't have to come back for ten years.

I should also comment on how Lyz has relatives in all the right places: New England, Chicago, Minneapolis, ND badlands. It sure helps to not have to pay for hotels.

JJ and EJ said...

JJ says, "The more dangerous the set up of the ladders, the more proud Dad would be."

Poor Leah-Bediah! : (

Blue Castle said...

I love that wall color! Hurrah for Aaron. I have a wickedly high stairwell that is 3/4 cream and 1/3 green. You guys are sooooo welcome to come visit us anytime. :)

nydampress said...

I was going to say what Aaron said. So, ditto.

Once again Leah takes the most steady pictures of any 4 yr old I know.