Friday, October 3, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The kids and I went to the Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch yesterday afternoon with the MOMS Club. There were lots of friends there, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. My mom and Grandma GiGi (Leah & Ben's great-grandma Gail) also met us there. Grandma GiGi had her gall bladder removed about a week ago, so we are happy to see her up and about, even if she does get tired more quickly than normal.

The straw maze was a big hit - just the right size for kids like Benjamin!

Leah has gotten to be a pro at feeding goats in the petting zoo. This seemed especially flexible and/or determined.

Ben was busy making major brownie points with the grandmas, and with Grandma GiGi in particular. He refused to walk anywhere unless he was holding her hand.

The annual posed photo - the sun was too bright! Oh, the complaints of those unprepared for winter.


AJ said...

I am officially the Debbie Downer of this blog tonight.

1)Why are my children holding the irradiated/pale and rotted from last year pumpkins?

2)Children 18 months to 4 years + stale food + dirty hands + caged animals = bacteria's best day ever

AJ said...

I got to watch that first picture from the top of the stairs. Believe the fact that this was the best view of himself Ben would allow over the course of ten minutes of trying to get him to pose.

Noel said...

I tried teaching my kids germ theory as preschoolers using an age appropriate book. I don't think they get it yet as middle schoolers given the general reminders that are still needed for handwashing before meals and the functional belief that the cat which thinks it is a floor mop doesn't carry germs.

Warm water + soap + 20 seconds of hand rubbing + care in what is touched thereafter = bacteria's easiest defeat

Aaron said...

aj, haven't you ever seen a white pumpkin before?