Monday, February 11, 2008

And I quote...

conversation with Mom the other day:

Mom: (In this quiet, timid voice I didn't recognize) I just did something I would have told you not to do.
Me: (somewhat concerned) What is that?
Mom: I just bought a vanity off the internet - for 900 dollars.
Me: Yep, you're right. You definitely would have told me not to do that.

Leah in the grocery store today:(near the frozen foods, pointing at the decorations hanging from the ceiling) Mommy, look! That's just like the old days!
Me: WHAT? What is just like it? What 'old days'?
Leah: You know, before last week!

this afternoon, in a house full of toys especially designed to entertain children:
Leah: Mommy, I'm bored. What can I do for fun? (this question is asked at least 10 times a day)


Also, although I have no quotes from Ben (IF ONLY), I do have an annecdote. I have been known to compare babies/small children with puppies. I now have proof. This morning, Ben came upstairs and looked in at me sitting at the table. He disappeared for a few minutes, and returned with both my slippers, which he insisted that I put on. GOOD BOY!

On this topic - my brother Aaron mistakenly considers being a dog being house-trained to be the equivalent of a kid "being able to care of their own bathroom business". (For the source of this disagreement, click here.) This is clearly not true, since you still have to let the dog out to do its business. Also, if the dog has NOT been let out, you need to consider how long it's been and whether or not it's an emergency. A child of 10 years (and possibly much, much younger) does not require this care and consideration. I will rejoice in the day that I longer have to think about someone else's need to use the bathroom. This is not normal for anyone but a mother. I don't think dads come programmed that way. And really, do we need TWO of us thinking about when was the last time Leah went potty? I don't think so.


Aaron said...

Dogs are easier than kids, I maintain that thought. Yeah, kids will eventually take care of their dookie completely independently, but how long does that take? YEARS. Years of wiping a tiny butt that makes a big, stinky mess. Most dogs get house-trained in a few weeks, max.

And, the hardest thing you have to do is walk the dog. That is, go for a walk outside, and stop occasionally. Most people enjoy walking outside, so it's almost a benefit. That is it. There is no wiping, powdering, or changing involved. Give me a dog any day over a selfish little person who has a poop-sack strapped to their bottom.

nydampress said...

Well, I also have to disagree with you Liz (on the dog matter, NOT on the matter with which Ben brings you slippers, which I fully support.)
Anyways, my feeling that taking a dog outside for a walk is not a chore but it is just a nice thing to do. Get some fresh air, tiny bit of exercise.
When we had Ginger it was never a question of does she have to go?
Dogs are like people, they are creatures of habit. She would go to the bathroom at exact times each day. All these times are based around when it is convenient for the owner. Which are more or less structured around how you trained them as puppies.

I'm not a mom, but I am pretty sure children can not be trained to go to the bathroom when it is convenient for the parent. Otherwise I would not see so many exasperated moms with their kids in public restrooms.

*end of rant*

Noel said...

While I get to sit in my nice, warm cubicle, my co-workers with dogs have to run home in the -xx windchill to take care of their dogs at lunch. Cats are sooooo superior.

Lyz said...

Well. I can safely assume that there is no way that two dog-loving athletes and a cat-loving couch potato are going to agree on this topic.

Dogs & kids obviously have different difficulties (my neighbor's dogs have chewed holes in their wall!) and rewards, and we develop different types of meaningful relationships with both.

Did you dog fans happen to watch PBS's shows on dogs and their history with humans? I caught the last half hour of each episodes...because they were on before Austen, of course!