Monday, February 25, 2008

PBS vs. Prairie Public

Commenter Noel is so sharp! My "upcoming attractions" for Masterpiece Theater is indeed from PBS, not our local station, Prairie Public. And none of those shows (after Austen's) are listed for March on Prairie Public.

In fact, I'll have to wait until March 23rd to see Emma. Stink-O. There is, however, a behind-the-scenes thingy on March 2nd. Oh well. Maybe I can use those Sunday evenings to watch some of the other versions! YES! There's my plan! I need not be Austen-free for two whole weeks! SAVED!

Thanks, Noel, for the head's up. Fargo probably has better weather today than Amsterdam anyway, right? Right?

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Noel said...

My colleage didn't comment on Amsterdam weather in his email. When you are laying over at the airport, it doesn't make much difference unless it causes delays and cancellations as was the case in foggy Minneapolis this morning. Waterloo Iowa had fog last night and then ice and snow today. My flight last night and all three so far today between Minneapolis and Waterloo have been cancelled. I got back to Fargo about noon.

Back when we had cute preschoolers (this was when purple dinosaurs ruled the airwaves), there were a couple memorable moments from Prairie Public TV pledge week.

One was when one of the girls came and got us from what we were doing elsewhere in the house. Why? Becuase the announcer had said "Kids, go get your parents..."

The other was when the meaning of pledge drive weeks sank in (loss of regular programming and/or lenghty breaks). One of the girls came nealy to tears during a pledge drive break "Make them stop!"

-- Noel, planning to watch "Frontline" on Prairie Public in about 42 minutes