Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures Not Taken

Here is a lovely photo of my kids. Leah is reading a book to Ben, which is a win-win-win situation. Ben gets his story, Leah feels important, and of course, Aaron and I don't have to read that book for the fortieth time today.
But this isn't a story of photos that we've taken.
This weekend Aaron was working, which of course meant that I was too...with the option of naps, playing on the internet, and watching tv. Such HARD work.
Anyway. Here are the times I wished that there had been someone around with a camera:
Saturday, when I walked with Ben in the yard, 2 feet deep with snow. Him with snow boots, me without. THAT's sacrifice, folks.
That morning while at church, when both kids sat so sweetly at their little kid table while Mommy ate and visited with the adults. They ate their whole lunches and didn't whine even one little bit.
Sunday, as we were in Sam's Club for the second time in two days, and I didn't once have to chase either of them down. A friend (and mom of 4 ....active....boys) was stunned that I wasn't using a cart. So was I. AND SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF.
That afternoon, during a snowball fight in our front yard. Leah threw them at me from about a two foot range, and I threw at both the kids. Oh, they had soo much fun! Even after I nailed Leah in the face (she was standing too far away! I couldn't aim properly!) and she got a bit of a bloody lip, she still wanted to keep going. Ben got some snow down his shirt, but as soon as it melted he was all smiles again. We were outside for half an hour, which for this kitty is quite the accomplishment.
Monday after Ben's nap. He must have still been sleepy, or just feeling extremely cat-like himself, because for about 20 minutes we sat in the sun with his head on my knee, while I rubbed his back or kissed his face...he would have purred if he could. Oh, my sweet boy. Then he heard Leah turn on the tv and the spell was broken. But I soaked up every minute of it.
In these moments, I try extra hard to be IN THE MOMENT, and pay attention to my child's smile and touch, and just enjoy it. I don't want to think about how soon these times will be just a photograph in my memory.

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nydampress said...

Lovely post Liz!
Didn't need the photos after all because you described everything so nicely :)