Saturday, February 2, 2008

And three hours later...

Minutes from Salem book club, Febuary meeting:

A. Book Three Cups of Tea agreed to be "a good one" - even by Liz, who doesn't like non-fiction, and especially by Grace, who likes books about survival/mountain climbing
1. Discussion involved the following points:
a. Mortenson is not a Christian, but does so much good work that we wish Christians would be doing and/or be getting publicity for. However, the fact that he wasn't a Christian may have been one of the reasons he was so successful.
b. And if Christians who do that kind of work, in those kinds of countries, got publicity, they would get kicked out.
c. Packistan and Afganistan ARE NOT the Middle East.
d. None of us would be able to eat and smell what Mortenson ate and smelled
e. the average Muslim man must have a similar attitude about women and their education as the average American man - there was little opposition to building schools for girls, except from the Taliban (predictably)

B. Another book exchange was held.
1.The Historian was the only to return from last month. Carol deliberated, but ended up with The Kite Runner.
2. Liz took a 2 for 1 offer, but gave away the Christian non-fiction and kept The Devil Wears Prada.
3. Little Men was stolen from Kim by Eileen.
4. Thrift/secondhand stores are a favorite source for books
5. Life and Death in Shanghai may be one of the most discouraging titles ever.

C. Other Topics:
1. Does your body stop producing stink after a long enough period of not bathing? Research will be done.
2. Grace recommends the movie The Ultimate Gift
3. Poisonwood Bible - is it true that some vegetables need specific insects to pollinate them, or was it manufactured by the author to further her plot?
4. The Red Tent - redeemable book? Some liked it a lot, others hated it. Did Diament do in-depth research or just make it all up?
5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - quick, good read from point of view of autistic boy
6. Reading Lolita in Tehran - similar in theme to Three Cups of Tea
7. Happy Birthday, Ilene!
8. Yummy Creme Brulee, Carol! We like the chocolate on the bottom. (Don't you wish you were in our book club?!)
9. How exactly do retirees in Lake Havasu spend their time? Especially if they don't golf?

D. Next meeting
1. Book Imperial Woman, by Pearl S. Buck, about last empress of China
2. Friday, March 14th at Kim's house


Ruth said...

oooooh. i want to be in your creme brulee eating book club.

and i loved the red tent!

and i haven't started the count of monte cristo yet.

but i have tasted his sandwiches in the past. not so good.

Noel said...

Meanwhile, one bookclub widower was watching the Tom Cruise "War of the Worlds" movie with his daughters while messing with email. Not as scary this second time around on our 19" TV vs in the theatre. I probably still prefer the 1953 version directed by George Pal.

Aaron said...

Re- insects: It's true.