Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leah sez...

(Leah has previously asked us about a zillion questions on a variety of topics, and sometimes repeated herself if we don't answer quickly enough)

Me: Leah, WHY do you ask so many questions?
Leah: 'Cause I want to KNOW stuff!
Aaron: That's a good answer, Leah! (At least it's not just to be annoying!)

The other day I did some packing up in her room. I took down the Barbie tent that's been up since last summer, and put away a suitcase of dress up stuff. I also threw away a BUNCH of GARBAGE. Literal garbage: strips from Netflix envelopes, pieces of paper with a scribble on them, pencil topper Happy Meal toys, Sunday School papers from Christmas.

I did all this while Aaron was mesmerizing the kids with Wii. Then I vaccumed, rearranged a bit, and asked Leah to some back and see her room. I was a little nervous she'd freak out.
Mommy: LOOK at your ROOM!
Leah: It's so much BIGGER! THANKS, Mommy!


nydampress said...

Man I can't wait to give that kid a hug!
Just...let me check...86 days to go!

Noel said...

You'll be ready for the REALTOR to show the house in no time! Keep up the momentum!

Although if your cleaning continues to be as successful, you'll find out how much larger your house really is and you'll decide not to move. Also, in replacing bulky CRT TVs and computer monitors with flat panels, record collections and record players with MP3 players, etc, you could find another 5-10% increase in useable space. I did the space utilization inventory a few years ago and came up with that figure. What I hadn't counted on was needing to squeeze a piano into the den which already has too much in it.