Monday, February 18, 2008

Dinner for one

As mentioned earlier, we celebrate V-day after the fact. Our intentions were to go out for dinner Saturday night, leaving the kids at a friend's house.

Here's a brief sketch of what Saturday ended up being:

7am- 2pm - I am gone with buddy Crystal shopping for fabric . If you are a seamstress or quilter, I would bring along astronaut undies, cause it'll make you wet your pants, it's so full of great fabrics. Assistants Geneve and I had a blast recommending and advising. And I escaped with only $50 damage!

2pm - back at home. Vaccum upstairs, since it's been 2 WEEKS.

4pm - Birthday party for playgroup pal at a gymnastics center. Leah has a total blast. Ben runs around for about a half hour, and for the next HOUR demands to be held only by me, and ONLY if I'm standing. Both kids enjoy pizza, but Ben won't eat even ice cream. At the first mention of going home, he starts whining, which soon escalates into a full blown wail. I'm moving as quickly as I can to get both kids out of there. They leave with more loot than they came with.

6pm - I have already called friend Suzi about 10 times today, setting up the caretaking. Now, however, Ben is running a fever and is acting extremely lethargic. And did I mention CRABBY? We're not sure if he's actually sick or just teething, so we cancel with Suzi just to be safe. And now it seems that Aaron's only fun thing of the day has been cancelled as well.

We order Chinese. While Aaron is picking it up, Ben goes to bed.

7pm - We eat a candlelight dinner, complete with the flowers, sparkling cider...and a preschooler. Leah is still awake, and of course wants to be involved! She has already eaten a bowl of grapes, but also eats some rice and a Chinese donut. I give her a fortune cookie. "Why did you give me this Chinese cookie?" she asks. "To keep you quiet," I tell her honestly.

1 minute later she says, "I'm all done with my cookie. I'm not being quiet anymore...." with the most innocent grin on her face.

8pm - 13-year old neighbor girl M comes over. Leah gets to stay up to play with her for a bit, and Aaron and I leave to go on a mini-date. We enjoy warm drinks and dessert at Barnes & Noble while perusing a copy of People magazine.

Ahhh, love in the real world.


mama.nichols4 said...

I'm glad you had a little time out on Saturday night.. I was afraid Ben wasn't going to cooperate for you, sorry! How is he today? We have a runny nose situation that woke up with Isaac this morning. I guess it will begin the next month of being sick for us.. whah!!

Noel said...

Since this IS a Jane Austen blog, allow me to take this opportunity to discourse on the unfortunate situation I now find myself in with respect to "Pride and Prejudice". Having multitasked between email, the wikipedia diagram of major characters and their relationships, and the actual TV program for the last couple of weeks, I now find myself interested in the story. It happened as Elizabeth Bennet warmed to Mr Darcy and we see his estate and find out he may not be such a bad guy afterall. As last night's installment ends and I think ahead to the final installment next Sunday, I recall I had booked rare Sunday night travel from Fargo to Waterloo, IA with a layover in Minneapolis from 8:00 - 10:30 PM - right when Masterpiece Theatre is on.

The public "TVs" at the airport are set to CNN Headline News and ESPN, but the TVs in the sports bars at the airport are probably under local control. Further planning my layover, I envision myself stepping up to the bar in a sportbar and asking if the basketball game being enjoyed by most of the patrons could be switched to Masterpiece Theatre so I could catch the conclusion of "Pride and Prejudice". At this point, gentle reader, I can only envision bad things for the protagonist in this tale involving substances like tar and feathers, humiliating laughter, and/or taser and gun toting TSA types.

I am afraid I will have to find other ways to pass my time at MSP than watching "Pride and Prejudice".

luv2cropmt said...

This is my first blog post!! How exciting! I do love "firsts"! Loved the couples' stories. In case you didn't know, my hubby asked my Mom, my Dad and my brother-in-law for permission to pop the question....then...he hid a video camera in a bookshelf, had a dj friend make a tape of a "live" show of our favorite songs and proposed while I started bawling like a baby--I was really surprised and overwhelmed!!
On our 16th Valentine's Day, Paul was sick with GI romantic! So, I have planned a week's worth of dating for us. Yesterday was a mid-day rendezvous (is this a family site?) and Friday will be a night at home with the kids all at friends!!! woo-hoo!