Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nice to meet you. And you are...?

Google has this lovely program for bloggers, called Google Analytics. Once it is running on your website, you (meaning me) can get statistics on not only how many people have visited your site, but also where they are from and if they are new or returning visitors. Pretty cool, huh? And it's all FREE.

I eat this kind of thing up. In general I don't really do numbers, but I can read a chart! And thanks to my teaching career, I'm pretty solid on percentages, too.

Aaron has been getting an earful - I had 36 hits today! Someone from Finland! 8 new visitors! And etcetera. What all this lovely data DOESN'T me is WHO exactly these folks are...if the new visitor was from Fargo or India, for instance.
There are two folks in well as one, maybe two in Ohio - who are family, and as far as I know, read primarily for updates on my kiddos, so here you go:
Readers! Both of them! Hurray!

I am asking you to help satisfy my curiosity. Please post and say where you are, and if you know me "in real life"m say WHO you are, too! Or, how you found my blog. Oh, this will be fun!
ALSO. Did you know that I have big dreams for this blog of providing some income of my own? But I need to expand my reader base. AND! You can help! If you enjoy reading this, please let someone else know who may like it! You know, that mommy, or reader, ...or computer techie, or engineer....or someone who just likes to read blogs!
And I promise,I'll post something somewhat clever soon.


Anonymous said...

It's a funny coincidence that you posted this today! I was already planning on saying hi and telling you how much I've been enjoying your blog. It's great to check in and see what another SAHM is up to! Keep up the good work, Liz! Give your family a squeeze for us.

Steph T

P.S. Here's another great SAHM blog that you might like:

Aaron said...

Liz: I hate to be a dream-pisser, but there are something like 2 billion blogs out there, and about 400 of them make any money at all. Best of luck!

BTW, I am your brother, and i want to go to the button store.

Crystal said...

Hey Liz-

I am reading this from next door. That would sound really creepy if I didn't actually live next door. Ha-ha.


Stacie Anderson said...

Hi Lyz...I am reading your blog. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


I checked out your blog after we got your Christmas/New Year newsletter and keep checking back to see what you have to say about the Austen movies. Your kids are awfully cute, too. :) Hope you don't mind me lurking occasionally!

-Ryan's Sarah S. in South Dakota

elaine said...

hi Liz/Lyz, I'm Kathleen Nydam's sister and I clicked your name from a comment you left on her blog. I enjoy your entries and I bet if there's money to be had then you have a good a chance as any to get some. Go for it. Bbye for now...consider me delurked.

mama.nichols4 said...

Hi Liz-

It's me, Tara.. In case you didn't know.. I've been to your house two times in the last 36 hours, and could stand to go back.. but I know your hubby has had his fill of your friends visiting, etc. Stop being such a social butterfly! hehe, NOT!

Your friend from across the river.