Wednesday, February 13, 2008

U R a Stinker

Leah is PSYCHED for Valentine's Day. She's horrified that we don't have anything planned for the actual day, although she's already attended TWO parties and made/decorated cookies. I think that's enough party for anyone, but she's insisting. So I think we'll make some tissue paper flowers or something really creative like that.

We made chocolate cut-out cookies, and Mom helped us decorate. Ben sat in his chair and ate red-hots and cookies the whole time. Aaron was thrilled/shocked to find out that I have no plans for them besides taking a plate to Crystal. (Surprise, Crystal!) So everyone is happy. Everyone, that is, except for Auntie Kate, who has a weakness for cut-out cookies decorated with preschooler saliva.

This is your first chance to see Ben's shorn head. Poor kid- his head probably feels like it needs a sweater. But he was starting to look pretty wolfman-ish, and we've decided the curls are here to stay, so I'm not longer afraid that the haircut will eliminate them completely.

Today I was talking to another mom, and in the course of conversation realized an innate different between Leah and Ben. Leah is a pleaser. She likes to make people happy, so generally, if you ask her to do something, or to STOP doing something, she will.

Ben couldn't. care. less. As witnessed this afternoon. He was insisting that I take his shirt off, and when I said NO, he slapped me. (I'm fine, folks. It was a baby slap.) He refused to give me a "sorry" hug, so off to his room he went. And this continued for half and hour. He'd come out, refuse to hug, and end up right back in there. It was pure stubbornness in action, folks. Finally I just hugged him and decided it was done. And BOY! Was he relieved. Not to mention Mom and Dad. Please, son, I'm begging you...just DO IT OUR WAY.

The Realtor made his visit today, and overall was much easier on us than my mom was yesterday. I tell ya, folks, too much HGTV is a terrible thing. At least for those of us without it. I'm just glad that I don't have to hide my large garbage can (it's covered, so I don't think it's TOO offensive) or completely sanitize our house against the germs of our existence. I will be removing LOTS OF STUFF, but the feeling of panic has somewhat abbated. I did manage to make some progress against the three years of procrastination - always encouraging!

We go to look at a couple of houses, fun! NO SARCASM INTENDED.


Noel said...

That's the nicest spread of cookies I've seen since the plate came home from Estrogen Fest.

Crystal said...

Yippee! I get cookies! This is me rubbing it in, everyone else.

Aaron said...

Well, Kate made us granola last night. Nothing says lovin' like regular bowel movements. (Jealous of cookies)

Ben looks sharp with the haircut. I'm sure that will help sell the house, seeing that there is not a lycanthrope in residence.

nydampress said...

Ben's haircut: super cute.

Leah sitting before her minions of cookies: fantastic.

Aunt Kate without said cookies: sad.

But I see they all have tons of red hots atop them(which I am actually not fond of) so I am not TOO sad.