Friday, February 8, 2008

I love my baby...after 7am.

Ben really likes baby P. And he is admired in return. As this and many more photos were being taken, they repeated touched foreheads. It could have been that P was trying to get a taste of Ben's yummy nose. Or, that they have a deep connection that will render them best friends for life, not unlike JD and Turk from Scrubs.

That darling son of mine. Here's how my night went. When you go through this (and much worse nights) and still want to kiss their chubby cheeks in the morning, you know you are a mommy.

11pm - hit the hay after IMing Tara...again
1am- Ben wakes up screaming. I pick him up, cuddle for a minute, then lay him down and he's out again.
3:30am - Leah is in our room, saying she had a dream. A BAD dream, Mommy! I walk her back downstairs and tuck her in again.
6am - Ben is again awake and crying. I go in and tell him it's still time to sleep, which he doesn't receive, shall we say...well. Cries for at least 15 more minutes. Then either he went to sleep or I did. My money's on me.
7am - Ben up - Aaron gets him. While Aaron showers, Ben drags me out of bed to get him breakfast. Leah is also up now. Let the morning begin!

Most nights they both sleep really well, all night...But when they don't, it seems to be synchronized. Must have been all the partying at L's house. NO MORE PARTIES!


mama.nichols4 said...

Geez Liz, don't you have any control over those kids? ;)

As witness to your day of, shall we say it nicely, challenges, I hope tonight goes better for you.. or more specifically, Ben.

Control is such a figment of the imagination, especially when it comes to parenting!

Suzi said...

Did my children terrorize yours Thursday night? Mine slept fine. I'm sure yours will get their revenge sometime though. :)