Monday, February 18, 2008

Future husbands, take note.

Our lovely 6-month old laptop has decided that it is mad at the Internet, and like most moody pre-teens (it's 2 human years each month of computers, right?) it's not telling us WHAT the problem is, even after HOURS of offering different options and solutions. IT'S STILL POUTING. Right now I'm giving it the silent treatment.

OH, there's so much to fill you in on! I'll break it up into smaller chunks for easier digestion.

FIRST of all, our MOMS club shared (in quiz form) how we met or became engaged to our husbands. And they are great. If you know a young man who is searching for just the right way to propose, one of these may do the trick. And who says you have to be smooth to win the girl of your dreams? Sometimes all it takes is a shared experience:

"I had just had jaw surgery - my face was still swollen and discolored and my mouth wired shut. His opening line was "Did you have jaw surgery? I did too, a few years ago. Have you tried pizza in the blender yet?"

It was Easter - he sent me on an Easter Egg Scavenger hunt. Inside each egg was a clue to the next. The last egg was in the trunk of his car - I found an adorable bunny, with a chain that said "I do" and then when I turned around he was on one knee.

He proposed during a game of Monopoly. He hadn't really been planning on doing it then, but he kept landing on "Luxury Tax" - you know, the space with the ring on it.

He brought a bag of White Castle sliders (very small hamburgers) over to my parent's house. He had wrapped the engagement ring box in one of the wrappers so that it looked like the others. He said, "Want some sliders? I'm full." I said, "Ew..." and proceeded to feed them to the family dog. He started to look anxious and siad, "Give me that bag!" Then he gave me the ring. I'm glad the dog didn't eat it!"

He proposed to me on Christmas. HIs present to me that year was a new pair of gloves and he had hidden the ring in the ring finger of the gloves. I remember him being very eager for me to try on those gloves!

I was helping him put groceries away at his new apartment. I opened the fridge and in it was a ring, champagne, 2 glasses and a post-it note that said "Will you marry me?"

Take note, gentlemen! The bar has been set!

My own romantic husband proposed on our drive to his parent's house for a visit. We planned to stop in the Badlands and watch the sun set, and brought along sparkling cider for the occaision. I remember that as we were driving up to the lookout point, I though, "Wouldn't it be weird if he proposed now?" But we had discussed that he would wait until I returned from a trip overseas that summer.

We sat out on the overcropping with our glasses, and for the first time he told me he loved me ...and asked me to marry him. When we got to his folks' house, there was a graduation party in action, and everyone was waiting to hear my answer...YES!!!

There it is. A little late for Valentine's Day, but who can turn down a good love story? Certainly not me!


Ruth said...

i hope you have not forgotten tim's masterpiece of an idea: hiding the ring in our parent's piano. he's still pretty proud of it.

i think both our brothers proposed on a walk? ring hidden in a book?

nydampress said...

Indeed they did.
Dave did the ring hidden in the book thing, on a beautiful sunny day.
Aaron made me trudge through the snow, the day after a blizzard.
Both happened on bridges too.
Oh those Meberg boys.

Noel said...

Ilene and I got secretly engaged a week before she left on a six week missions trip to Africa. We didn't have quite the scenery of the ND badlands -- just the soccer field west of DQ on North University in Fargo. We publicly announced upon her return. The wedding was at Salem three months after her return.