Friday, February 1, 2008

I'll get it done...oh, never.

Fact: Ben's highchair has a ruffle around the seat pad. A RUFFLE. Of cotton fabric, around a vinyl seat. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. None. Aaron spotted this as a design fault right away, and of course now Fisher-Price doesn't make a single highchair with this "feature". Because here's the drawback - it's a HEALTH HAZARD. Ben has had it plastered with food since he started eating. It looks grody, and even though it has been washed, it immediately looks just as bad. Evidence: Photo from this summer.
The other day Aaron and I had this "discussion":

Him - "WHEN are we going to wash Ben's highchair cover?"

Me - "Sometime."

Him - "So, never? It's completely gross."

Me - "If you care so much about it, and I clearly DON'T, YOU should do something about it! I have other things to worry about that won't have to be re-done 15 seconds later!"

Him - "Like what? Read blogs?"

Ah. That is what we like to call "the heart of the matter". But that is not a discussion for you, the Internet, to worry about.

Here's my point. I do this frequently - have some little task that would probably take me about 5 minutes to complete, thereby removing it from my guilt radar, but that I avoid for some unexplanable reason. Maybe it's because it would take longer to assemble the tools needed for said task than to actually complete it. Maybe it's that I'm not really sure of what I'm doing, so I'm avoiding failure.
Some examples, which may or may not fall into those two excuses: re-stringing a pair of Aaron's gym shorts. Washing bathroom rugs. Change sheets on kids' beds. Email.
Okay, so I know how to do all those things. Maybe I'm just a procrastinator. Yep, I think that's it.
Am I the only one?


mama.nichols4 said...

Oh Liz.. I think I can relate as I sit here with 4 folded baskets of laundry evilly eying me around my screen.. It's just the way it works, good or bad. Unfortunately, it seems that it's more bad than good. I have no advice for you though, since I am just as guilty. If you find the answer, please email me.. oh wait! ha! Some may say, "just do it!"

Noel said...

Modifying an advertizing tag line from a wine company back in the 80's when I was single: "I will wash no dish before its time". The wine concept was to pick no grape before its time and my application was that dishes needed to soak in the sink long enough to be "seasoned" and ready for washing. Now I have children old enough to load the dishwasher and I wash my coffee cup at work on Mondays, if it needs it or not.

I hope Lyz is making progress on her book for bookclub tonight...less than 12 hours left for cramming.

Ruth said...

pretty soon, those little things start killing me---not because i feel i should do them, but i am afraid that i will FORGET that i am supposed to them. so i started making lists on white boards. now, it still might take 2 months to get things done ( still have thank you notes to write for christmas) but at least i know i won't forget them. and then when i have a couple hours with nothing else breathing down my neck, i'll eventually conquer them.

also. at work, i have this issue ALL THE TIME because i have wear a few too many hats. so. i make a list divided into categorys. if i were liz, perhaps i would make a list that said: mommy work, wife work, liz work: mommy duties, housework, and book clubs! i can hear your little type a personality purr with curiousity.