Thursday, January 15, 2009

#6 or so

I mentioned in my last post that we will be out of town this weekend (which will REALLY throw a kink in my reading schedule...and I'm not even being sarcastic.)

We are going to visit my brother and his lovely wife, who recently brought into this world a new baby! Yay! A nephew for me in my own right! I inherited many lovely nieces & nephews when I married Aaron, and a couple have joined the family since our marriage - Leah and Ben are grandchildren #13 & 15 for Aaron's folks.

But. In my family they are #1 & #2. You can't beat that. Uninterrupted attention from aunties, uncles, and grandparents alike, no sharing toys... Unless, of course, you enjoy playing with your cousins or spoiling your siblings' children. Which now, we all get to do!

The kids are excited to meet their new cousin, and I can't wait to see my brother as a DAD. He seems to be taking readily to the task, already calling the baby "awfully cute" and describing in detail the contents of a poopy diaper, which Aaron rightfully recognized as THE step between being a guy holding a baby and actually being the FATHER.

So, where did #6 come from, you ask? Well, he's certainly not the 6th cousin, but this baby has the distinction and honor of being (about) the 6th generation David in our family. None of them have been Juniors, since they've all had their own middle names. And because there have also been cousins in generations past with that name, several of them weren't even commonly referred to as David (my dad has always been DJ - David John- and my grandpa was Urby, his middle name).

This baby is David Jeffery - both of his grandpa's names - and will be called David. And we can't wait to meet the little fella. Welcome to the family, Baby David.


nydampress said...

I am so jealous you get to visit Dave and Jess and get to meet baby D!
What? Can I not meet any niece or nephew of mine until they are old enough to walk?
This trend has got to stop!

p.s. Take TONS of photos please.

JJ and EJ said...

Have a great time! : )

Noel said...

On the transition from guyhood to fatherhood...

I was holding my first child, Baby T, shortly after she was born when I starting getting this warm feeling near my heart. Turns out she was peeing on me and the warm feeling was the urine soaking through my shirt. Our scrapbook of that evening notes the event via a wardrobe change in the pictures.

Baby T, now the aspiring dinner theatre actress T, eagerly awaits receiving a script so she can prepare for tryouts and the possibility of being directed by the one and only Lyz!

Noel said...

Our family enjoyed the movie/book "I am David" .

My wife found last night's PBS "Wuthering Heights" a bit dark while simultaneously I was doing email and watching Big Ben and the Steelers advance to the Super Bowl. During the game I wondered if the new baby's name would be Joe as Joseph is a Biblical name and Joe is a fine NFL quarterback name: Joe Flaaco, Joe Montana, Joe Kapp. Another baby name possibility is the name of a kicker who is kicking while the baby is kicking during the Super Bowl, especially if it is a winning kick. Too bad it won't be Adam Vinetari.

Lyz said...

I can almost certainly say that we will not choose a boy name that starts with a J. I love alliteration, but not THAT much!:)