Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a Little Snow

Even though we've had all this snow, the temperatures have generally been too cold to actually play in it. Aaron took Ben out the other day, and then a few days later I took both of them out - with the classic 15 minutes of preparation for about 20 minutes spent outside.

They had fun. This snowbank is about 3 1/2 feet tall, alongside our driveway. The bottom of the photo is the cement.


Noel said...

Even though we've had a lot of snow, it hasn't been construction grade for princess castles and warrior fortresses. Looks like even less suitable weather for for playing outside this coming week :-(

nydampress said...

I think Leah might like pink.


Noel said...

Did the 3 foot drift reappear in front of the garage during this morning's blizzard?

Did Aaron get a new snowblower last week OR was he left to move the new, crusty snow using his manly brute strength?

Will it every be warm enough again to let children play outside?

Lyz said...

No 3 foot drift.

We had the snowblower on a trial basis, and decided it's too big - Aaron had to park his car outside. Maybe we'll get a smaller one. Or maybe we'll pray harder for NO MORE BLIZZARDS.

Never. It will never be warm enough for the children to play outside.