Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Circular Conversation

Leah, tonight at dinner: "Yesterday on Elmo, he wanted to learn more about...teeth!"
Aaron: "Oh yeah?"
Leah: "And at the end, a wisdom tooth came on!"
Aaron: "Was he really wise?"
Leah: "What?"
Aaron: "Did he know a lot? Was he going to answer a question for Elmo?"
Leah: "Who?"

So THAT didn't go very far.

Speaking of dinner tonight, I was bracing myself for a fight with my son. Last night we had Johnny Cake (which I'm fairly sure is a racist term, but I'm going to use it nonetheless) which is cornbread with butter & syrup. Otherwise known as Comfort Food #1 in the Meberg family. We also had scrambled eggs. Leah ate everything. Ben ate eggs, then a Clementine and some yogurt, but refused to touch the Johnny Cake.

Tonight, we had chicken, leftover cornbread (no syrup this time) and steamed (well, frozen then microwaved) broccoli. Ben hasn't eaten plain pieces of chicken in quite awhile, and prefers his broccoli raw. I braced myself for yet another food fight.

And the kid stunned me. After demanding his favorite condiment of all time, Ranch dressing, he ate all the chicken, two helpings of cornbread, and pretty much all his broccoli. Leah did the same, except she also ate 2 helpings of broccoli. I was forced to pillage the cabinets for supplements for my apparently starving children. Granted, they both had gymnastics this morning, but they HAD had lunch and a snack since then!

Whatever, I guess. I'm just glad Ben finally ate some traditional form of protein.


Aaron said...

I love that Leah is all, "Who?" to Elmo.

Lyz said...

Oh no, Aaron. She knows all about Elmo. She just forgot that she had been talking about the wisdom tooth. Kind of like "Who's on First?" the pre-school version.

Noel said...

We've had chili with cornbread and syrup recently...tis the season for mid-winter comfort food in Fargo.