Monday, January 5, 2009

Little Bits of Life

-- Ben has learned to spell. Now, before you call MENSA, here's what he spells: "E-R-E-O". He says each letter very clearly and quickly while you write them down. I looked at it, and was all, "Maybe if you changed the order a bit you'd get Oreo, but this...I don't know about this."

-- Leah the other night, after swimming at a hotel, "I am very very very very exhausted."

--We have had a house full of company lately. This is why I haven't gotten anything accomplished. Yeah. That's the ticket.

-- Ben's favorite power trip / use of new words: "Naughty! Mean!" On the up side, he will occasionally tell Daddy when he's done something naughty. Like today at lunch, after he spilled the milk from his cereal bowl (I KNEW there was a reason I usually clear them earlier...) AND the milk in his cup.

-- Aaron is possibly buying a snowblower from a coworker this week. This is officially the MOST snow we've ever seen in Fargo (weren't here for the blizzards of '97). Buying a snowblower is like a sign of the Apocalypse.

-- I made dinner Saturday for 3 extra adults and 2 extra kids, and then dinner last night for 2 extra adults (my folks). Salads were served both nights, wonder of wonders. (I usually forget about the salad option.)

-- Watched Tess last night. I have read the book, but it was several years ago, and I don't remember anything about it. Very annoying, therefore, that Aaron kept saying things like, "Is this a bad guy?" "What does she do?" "Don't you KNOW what happens?" and other comments to the point of me being a big faker for saying I'd read it. A big PHBBBT to you, dearest.

-- Ben spent half an hour outside playing in the snow the other day. Like, climbing up a 4 foot drift, and then sliding down on his belly face first. I have video. And photos. Which I will post later.

-- I started working on putting last year's Christmas photos into their album. Leah got the leftover photos (you know, from the collage of 4, I took one, she got 3) and I found a cheap album for her to put them in. She was Christmas-morning excited, folks. Sometimes it takes so little.


Ruth said...

yay for liz and baby vocabulary!

Noel said...

We still have a ways to go before the snow piles up like it did in 96-97. When your kids can step out of their second story bedrooms(?) into a snow pile, you'll know we have arrived at that benchmark. It will make for a few pages of good scrapbooking in their albums, too. Nothing like the pitter patter of preschool feet on the roof.

Noel said...

Speaking of Tess and knowing what happens....

We were wrapping up supper tonight, watching "Millionaire" on TV as is our custom when suddenly my wife says "I'll call Lyz [last name censored]." My mind was summoned back into the present from semi-space to see the following question on our TV screen "Which of the following books was not written by John Grisham?" My answer was wrong, which brings us to the question of the moment: Would Lyz have been able to answer a question about a late 20th century author OR should she only be a phone-a-friend lifeline for earlier lit? Knowing this could be worth tens of thousands of dollars some day!

Lyz said...

Ben would be all over climbing out the windows onto snow piles.

Noel - I am totally & completely flattered that I would be a dial-a-friend potential. Undeserved, but still flattered!

Fortunately for your lovely wife, I do know a little about contemporary lit, and even some about John Grisham! I don't think I've read any, but I own several. What were the options? I'm very curious now. And I love being a smarty-pants.

Kim said...

Has B been hearing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"?

Noel said...

The question was "Which of the following was NOT a title of a book written by John Grisham?"

a. The Broker (my wrong answer)
The Summons
Two other legal sounding titles

Should have asked while it was still in short term memory...the possibilities certainly didn't make it beyond that.