Monday, January 19, 2009

Deep Thoughts on Parenting

As a disclaimer, I was totally open with Aaron that these conversations were going to end up on the blog.

Just after we left Ikea at 1pm, we stopped at Burger King and tossed the kids their cheeseburgers while we drove back to Dave & Jess's house. I was bellyaching about how easy that was, and how much more difficult it's going to be when we have the baby:

Me: Tell me again...whyyy are we starting over?
Aaron: You like babies.
Me: (deep breath!) You're right. I do. (pause) Do YOU like babies?
Aaron: Well, they are a lot of work. (pause) But I don't have anything better to do.

During the same drive, Aaron reported this conversation with my brother (who remembers it differently, but Aaron's version is funnier.)

Dave: How many kids are you guys going to have anyway?
Aaron: Three for now, I guess.

I suppose what makes this so funny to me is it's complete lack of helpfulness.

Aaron and I did a lot of remembering (or trying to remember) about our kids' babyhoods while holding baby David. I came to the conclusion that I may hold Ben more NOW than I did when he was a baby. No wonder the poor kid has attachment issues.

Also, I was pretty gunshy when changing baby David's diaper. Completely unwarranted, it turns out. Although he did manage to, immediately after receiving a fresh diaper, totally fill the sucker with poop. And 5 seconds later, spit up. It was an eventful 5 minutes.


Noel said...

As an only child with two kids and no boys, I sense this post being out of my league... ;-)

Aaron said...

I think Dave was right when he said that little David makes everybody catch baby-fever.

Lyz said...

Aaron! What does THAT mean? Also, I'd better have baby fever. It's a little late to change my mind now!